Twitter blocked crypto accounts

Twitter hack: Exchange 'blocked 1,000 Bitcoin transactions' - BBC News

Social media platform Twitter has blocked the accounts of PlanB (@ 100trillionusd), creator of Bitcoin’s stock-to-flow model, Twitter trading expert Crypto Dog (@thecryptodog) and Bitcoin network analyst Willie Wu.    

In addition to the above accounts, the “repression” also affected @woonomic, @mmcrypto, @wsbchairman, @themooncarl, @KoroushAK.

It is not yet clear why these accounts with hundreds of thousands of subscribers were blocked. Twitter only claims that they broke its rules.   

Twitter blocks accounts that violate   the Twitter rules .

Last February, social media blocked the accounts of Morgan Creek Digital co-founder and Bitcoin advocate Anthony Pomliano. However, they were then rebuilt within a few hours. 

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is known as an ardent fan of the leading cryptocurrency, who is currently  auctioning his very first tweet  as a non-fungible token.

Posted by Newt Salamander, Analyst at  Freedman Club Crypto News

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