Turning my gaming pc into a mining ‘rig’ questions

Hi miners

After owning a 2080 super for 1.5 years i’ve just decided to put it to work in my dormant gaming PC and im already hooked, getting an average hashrate of 45 and i want more. I slowly want to accumulate and instead of buying racks, new mobo and psus for a dedicated rig, i’ve seen images of what looks like gaming Pc’s with gpu’s connected but hanging outside of their pc (to keep them cooler i assume) using a ‘riser’ and usb ports

My questions are what do i need to make this work? I do assume i will need to upgrade my PSU though as i’ve currently got a 500 or a 550

would it be wise to upgrade my PSU to something suitable to one day go into a designated mining rig? That way i can reclaim my current PSU back into a gaming and editing PC, or are mining PSU’s not suitable for a normal gaming PC?

Thanks for the help, im only 50% computer literate. Built my own PC but took me 3x as long as it should

What do you think?

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  1. The biggest challenge is getting another GPU, from there you can scale accordingly, but yes basically PSU and riser cables will be needed. Though if your not PC literate, I would highly recommend to start becoming. Things are not always as easy as it is, getting one GPU is usually easy but getting 10 GPUโ€™s up can be a pain. You best start doing some research and watching videos at least people like red panda miner is a good start.

  2. ROFL Bro where the *Hell* were you 4-7 months ago in a cave?!? Youโ€™re thinking about all this now when eip-1559 is happening in less than 2 weeks and eth 2.0 by late 2021 early 2022?!? CMON!!! =(

  3. You will need pcie risers for each available pcie slot your motherboard can support. As for the PSU, it doesn’t have to be connected to your gaming rig so you can scale it to as big as you need.

    GPU availability and time will be your biggest problems, however.

  4. Yep, like many of the earlier comments, getting GPUs is (still) gonna be your biggest and most expensive challenge.

    Getting more power *supplies* is easy. Getting more *power* to run 5+ GPUs can be a challenge depending on how your plan on setting things up.

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