Trying to mine with 4 GPu’s on mortar max motherboard b450

Hi all,

I have a rly frustrating problem with my motherboard…

I want to mine with 4 GPu’s 2 X gigabyte 3070s and 2 MSI gaming 3070s

The trouble is that when a GPU is on all 4 pcie slots then they don’t work.

This is what is stated on the official MSI website manual about the mortar max motherboard:

PCI_E2 slot will be unavailable when an expansion card is installed in the PCI_E3 slot.

Any ideas on how to get around this rather than replacing the motherboard.

I used a Pcie 1 to 4 splitter instead to see if that would help and it did until I logged in then the display would turn off after a few seconds then come back on and turn off again.

If I have installed it incorrectly then tell me what I should do right or what info you guys need more for me to sort this mess out please

Above is the link for the pcie 1to4 splitter

Edit: I have put all 4 GPu’s on the single pcie slot x16 (1st slot) and all 4 GPu’s are being detected on the device manager, all the drivers are updated and they say it’s working properly but MSI afterburner is displaying only 3 of the GPu’s (1x MSI and 2 X gigabyte)

What do you think?

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