Trying to get access to my BTC circa 2011 but it looks like my bitcoins may have been hacked/stolen years ago?

This is a continuation of the situation outlined in [this previous post.](

I dabbled in Bitcoin mining back in the day but never really mined anything of any significance. I didn’t think much of it and basically forgot about the whole thing… but of course, nowadays, what you couldn’t buy a stick of gum with in 2011 is worth a decent amount of money.

Going through all my old data feels like archaeology and trying to retrace the steps of someone from so many lifetimes ago it may as well be a completely different person.

I tried searching through old emails for further clues about anything I may have used back in the day, and I came up with a lot of emails from – this is a mining pool I used with GUIminer, that is nowadays known as “slushpool”

I was able to sign into my account on what is now slushpool by clicking “forgot password” and making a new pass, and there is a payout in my history from June 10th 2012 but it is made to an address that I am unfamiliar with. It at least doesn’t appear to be configured as a receiving address in the old wallet.dat file I have.

I have several emails stating that password changes to my account were made, and that changes to the receiving address were made. The address that the payout was eventually made to, that change was made 12/28/2011. There was apparently another attempted wallet change on 6/10/2012 that doesn’t appear to have actually gone through since the address in my account is still the one from the change made on 12/28/2011, and that’s the address that the payout was still made to on that day.
There are also a couple of password reset emails from 6/10/2012. It’s interesting to note that there was all this account activity – password resets, changed receiving addresses and a payout – all happening that same day.

Were any of these actions taken by me? It’s possible. I may have forgotten my password at some point and tried to reset it (I certainly didn’t remember it now, 10 years later) and I don’t know/remember if I set up any other sort of Bitcoin wallet on some other service at the time that I may have tried to change my receiving info to. Though I don’t think I did. And I can’t find any record of ever having done that. I think I just had the wallet in the core app. I’m not sure where this receiving address came from or if I actually have the private key to it in my wallet app without it showing me, maybe? Honestly no idea. I am learning about these things all over again as if it was the first time.

If I check the history of the address that my slushpool payout was made to, it says that at some point it sent that BTC elsewhere and has a current balance of 0.000. Now, I *KNOW* I didn’t send BTC to anyone at any point! And this receiving address that it was sent to appears to have been sending/receiving a lot more Bitcoin than I’ve ever had access to, so it definitely wasn’t just some other personal account or wallet that I’m forgetting about.

An important detail to note – back in 2012, my laptop was hacked by someone fairly advanced. This person was able to have this custom “Instant Message” style chat window pop up on my screen out of nowhere and hold a full conversation with me. They were taunting me, joking around, telling me my own passwords, etc. so they clearly had access to a lot of personal information.

There were vague threats of taking money from me from my PayPal or personal bank. My memory on the whole thing is pretty hazy but I think money was actually taken out of my PayPal account? Maybe I’m totally misremembering and completely making that up… but I seem to recall them actually doing something and me being able to eventually recover that money from PayPal. It might be a false memory. Bitcoin would have been the last thought on my mind at the time, and the only reason I have to think that they wouldn’t take money from me is that it was worth close to nothing at the time.

But the reason I bring this up, is [I remember taking a picture of this crazy chat window they brought up on my computer]( and posted about it on social media because I was completely shocked at how crazy the situation was at the time. So I went back through old posts to find [the photo]( again, and… I posted it on 6/8/2012, 2 days before all this crazy account activity and payout happened on

So yeah, maybe BTC was worthless at the time and I don’t know what incentive they would have to take it. But all this stuff happening on that particular date is a little too strange to be coincidental, no?

There is the fact that the receiving address on my account (that the payout was eventually made to) was changed 6 months before any of this happened. That’s one point against the possibility of my stuff being hacked, aside from the fact that BTC had no value at the time. But maybe this person initially hacked me/changed my address then, and then waited half a year before dicking around with me/taking my money?

This is all the info I have. I honestly don’t know what to think and I’m not educated enough about any of this stuff to draw any conclusions. I dabbled a bit back in the day enough to have something running on my laptop mining away when I wasn’t busy, because I was interested in the tech, and I’m finding out now 10 years later that my money was possibly taken from me.

I am assuming there is no chance of recovery. But here is the receiving address that slushpool claims the payout was made to. Maybe one of you super sleuths can find out exactly who/where this money eventually went to. I dunno what other steps I could possibly take. Any info/advice would be greatly appreciated!


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