Truck Driver Token – Digital Ride-Along NFTs – A Utility Token Delivering Something Innovative and Unique

Truck Driver Token (TRUCK)

Contract Address : 0xc78475296554ee513b1abb8a7b3a4a14dae5d50a

Decimals : 18

Total Supply : 15,000,000

Mcap : 70k


I urge everyone to visit the website, and read the lite paper. It gives a concise explanation about the project. The developers are a husband \ wife team who are very transparent.


**What’s new and innovative about this token ?**

TRUCK will be the native token used in our NFT marketplace and in-house lottery. **Nothing new**

**and innovative about that**.

I’m not dismissing these, they will be great, but I want this post to focus on our main selling point.

We will also offer something called a “Digital Ride-Along” and sell it as an NFT.

**This is our main selling point**.


**What is a Digital Ride-Along NFT?** :

A digital ride-along is where anyone in the world can take a trip through the eyes of a truck driver.

**It will be an immersive 360 degree video experience!**

These trips may be for days at a time covering great distances. People will be able to see new places they have only dreamed of.

From crowded cities in dense metropoleis, to vast, open areas where the diverse landscapes unfold before the viewer’s eyes.


**What will be included as part of the NFT?** :

Each ride-along NFT will have in the smart contract –

• the truck driver’s name / nickname

• truck make / model

• starting and end points (geographical locations)

• distance (measurement)

• length (time) of trip in the description

• a unique cryptographic hash, which is the url for the digital footage of the trip (using IPFS)


**How would making / purchasing a 1 + TB size NFT work?** :

Implementing the IPFS (Inter Planetary File System) protocol and a cloud hosting service for IPFS (Pinata).

IPFS is a file sharing system which is more suitable for the uploading of larger files. IPFS creates cryptographic hashes for each upload that can easily be stored on a blockchain.

This cryptographic hash would become a part of the NFT during the Minting process, ensuring only the NFT and wallet owner have the original, one of a kind NFT.


**Is there a market for this?** :

Absolutely yes. Advertising to the non-crypto general public would be very easy.

Signs on the sides of the Trucks from the drivers participating in the program.

A sign on the side of a semi-truck reading “Have you ever wanted to take a trip in a semi? Now you can! Visit Truckdrivertoken com !”

It would be super easy to recruit truck drivers into this program. It’s a fun idea, and it will be a great way to earn passive income doing what they are already doing.

The press loves these kinds of stories. This will pick up steam and be huge – no one else is doing this!


**Official Links** :

Website :[](

Telegram :[](

Twitter :[](

Also, there is an airdrop happening right now.

What do you think?

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