Tristan Token: Creating Future of Blockchain Gaming

Tristan Chain: Creating a gaming platform and tools for easy deployment while ensuring fairness with RNG oracle. Further integrates these games into defi space by turning them into NFT assets which can be transferred cross-chain.

Team: Devs are fellow biz lurkers alongside backed by a company that has worked with Ubisoft in past.

Next Step: Deploying game to test out NFT and game integration.

Audit report: [](

Whitepaper: [](



**Roadmap leading to CEX listing:**

[2021-Q2] Official website, Twitter and Telegram Group

[2021-Q3] Tristan Community Crypto (TCC) Presale, IDO, mining and Airdrops

[2021-Q3] 1st Tristan Games – Tristan Poker Online, mining by playing [2021-Q4] Tristan Chain Testnet Launch, listing on CEX

[2022-Q1] Tristan Wallet & More Apps (Games, Financial Apps) on Tristan Chain

[2022-Q2] Tristan Mainnet Launch, Native NFT and DEX

[2022-Q3] Tristan Governance Token and DAO

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