Transaction failed due to gas


first post ever and I’m not quite sure where to put this, but as it occured for the first time with your wallet, I’m gonna post it here.

So the miner fee’s are.. insane at the moment. I generally don’t get the idea behind it nor did I ever put effort into understanding it, so basically I don’t care what it is.

But what I do care about is, when I spent money without getting something for it. For example: When I want to sent my eth from your wallet to another wallet I expect this to work Period. Especially if I pay these miner fee’s for it.

Yet here we are. Me, the one who paid nearly $5 for nothing and You, the ones that were supposed to get shit done.

I’m fairly certain that there has to be a way to tell upfront if a transaction is gonna work or not. BEFORE I pay for it.

So now my rant is done, here are my questions:
– what the f can I do to avoid a situation like this?
– how can I assure my transaction will succeed?
– why did it work effortlessly with Binance, while at the same time it doesn’t work with your wallet?

Thanks, have a nice day.

Edit: NO DMs!! I’M NOT POSTING HERE TO MAKE SOME PRIVATE CONTACTS! The questions I posted can be easily answered publicly. Jesus christ, that bot army is annoying as hell…

What do you think?

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  2. Maybe you should learn about the product you’re investing in before you invest. Gas fees are a part of some crypto currencies. If you don’t like them, maybe invest in something like XRP or XLM which has negligible fees.

    Really irk’s me when people jump on as a “get rich quick” scheme, then are surprised when technology does what it’s designed to do. You got exactly what you paid for, you just didn’t read the menu. Now you’re trying to return the food.

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