Trade Crypto for Free with ShapeShift | by Erik Voorhees | ShapeShift Stories

ShapeShift now offers zero-commission crypto trading.

Crypto’s fundamental virtue is the ability to enshrine self-sovereignty in the realm of digital value; to grant to each human on Earth the inalienable right to control what is theirs.

Self-sovereignty is thus essential to a borderless, digital financial future. It is the whole point. Yet, most people still trust their crypto to a 3rd party. The big exchanges are unanimously custodial.

ShapeShift’s goal — today as it was five years ago — is to make self-custody a seamless and enjoyable experience, because this will help the world move toward self-sovereign finance, and away from fiat. Decentralized digital assets are the future, and we will always champion their advancement.

  • Our first step, back in 2014, was to build an easy way to convert digital assets without counterparty risk. (
  • Our second step was to release the new ShapeShift self-custody platform this past July: an all-in-one solution for normal people to hold, trade, and transact crypto assets safely. (
  • Our third step is now revealed: ShapeShift is offering true zero-commission crypto trading to its users, enabled by the much-anticipated FOX token which is also live as of today.

This means you can now trade crypto commission free. And for the skeptics, you’re welcome to compare the rates yourself. While trading is commission free, standard network miner fees still apply to each trade.

This isn’t a promo. This isn’t a temporary offer. This is trading of digital assets without a trading fee, available today to all ShapeShift platform customers. Our FOX token powers this feature. We give you 100 FOX tokens on verified signup, and you simply need to hold onto them to trade for free. You don’t have to spend them or lose them to get the benefit.

Create a free account at ShapeShift and get 100 FOX (an ERC20 token).

  • By simply holding (not spending) these 100 FOX tokens, you get $1,000 of free trading volume on a rolling 30 day basis. Each individual token thus grants $10 of free trading volume every 30 days, in perpetuity.
  • You don’t have to spend or lose the FOX tokens to keep enjoying the benefit. As they say, just hodl.

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