Top Blockchain Launchpads for Games 2021

Blockchain launchpads, especially those in the gaming space have been gaining tremendous amounts of attention. They are unique ecosystem players that bridge the gap between investors and promising early-stage crypto projects, bringing immense value to the overall crypto ecosystem. Here, I will talk about some of the top launchpads for games in 2021.

1) Trustswap: The TrustSwap Launchpad is a full-service launchpad for new blockchain projects who want to take advantage of the security and trustlessness that smart contracts can offer.
Check out the first project to launch on the Launchpad, [Chain Games](! It’s a video game platform that allows people to play against each other while betting and winning real crypto using trustless smart contracts.

2) Vulcan Game Launchpad: Vulcan Forged is one of the fastest growing blockchain and NFT gaming dApps. They have recently released their [Vulcan Game Launchpad]( Fifty teams and companies will have access to support, marketing, and $40,000 in development grant with a total of $2,000,000 dedicated for their launchpad. The teams will enjoy marketing and support, no gas minting, while a $40,000 development grant will be given in milestones.

3) Bondly: Bondly recently announced their newest Launchpad partner, [Polker]( Polker is the first online blockchain poker game that allows users to bet on dozens of cryptocurrencies without the need to convert their holdings to a single-supported cryptocurrency standard.

4) Illuvium: Illuvium is a decentralized gaming platform that harnesses the power of non-fungible-tokens, or NFTs.
Illuvium is the premier gaming platform in the crypto ecosystem in its Balancer Smartpool Launchpad.

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