Too much impatience! The idea of “meme stocks” and “meme tokens” have given people in unrealistic timeline expectations.

There has been so much media hype this year around “meme stocks” and “meme tokens” that it’s fueled all this impatience. What people don’t realize is for every one person that made a ton of money there are 100s+ that lost their ass.

The safemoon team seems to have accomplished a ton in a matter of months but that doesn’t mean they can move mountains in an instant.

I’m glad that I see a lot of people saying you’ll need to hold for 3 years or more in order to get the life changing money everyone wants.

I just say be patient and don’t expect to be able to quit the job you hate anytime soon to live a life of luxury. If anything start to appreciate the job you hate that is getting you the money to buy more safemoon while the price is low.

That is all! God bless.

What do you think?

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  1. You have to remember that most people in the crypto space are idiots. Even our own Safemoon family has it’s dummies’. Anyone 25 and younger have zero patience and expect results idiotically fast. That generation is all about instant gratification. You could probably bump that age group to 29. Any 30yo has been met with real life disappointments by now. So they’re not in the instant camp.

    ….one of the reasons I don’t let my 6yo play with an ipad and has limited TV time. We’re creating our own monsters…. /rant.

  2. 5 years is my kind of “go-to” number I consider likely for it to be at a decent exit price point for me.
    For half.
    Keeping half.

    Yeah couldn’t agree more on the general impatience, and I’d say you’re in the ball as to why.

    People were much more realistic about crypto and timeframes back in 2017.

  3. just a heads up, some of us have realistic time lines. I’ll be devoutly adding $300/mo to my pile until April, 2031. At which point i’d hope to take a nice vacation and look back on my epic decade of holding.

  4. Look at it this way: you have $100, you could spend that on what maybe a night in a super crappy motel or you could buy some Safemoon that has a chance over the next few years of changing that $100 into $100k. Is it guaranteed? No of course not. Is it within the realm of possibility? Yes it is.

    You’re exactly right. The simple truth is that the odds of you being that person that buys something for $100, then within a couple of months that’s worth $1million, are extremely small. As in winning the lottery small. That’s because the majority that are in that situation are not there because of some kind of magic trading skill, they’re there because they got super lucky.

    However the odds of you getting into a solid project now like Safemoon and watching your initial investment go up 100x (or more) are reasonably decent. It’s not going to go up in a straight line it’s going to be ups and downs (look at bitcoin) just accept that.

    Just be patient. Imagine you’d bought Doge in 2017 and held it for 4 years until 2021.

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