Token balances fixed. It’s now possible to view your final… | by EncryptoTel


It’s now possible to view your final token balance within the EncryptoTel ICO portal, pending withdrawals being enabled.

Investors will be aware that the ICO portal used for the EncryptoTel crowdsale has been affected by display issues, which have meant that it has not always been possible to know how many tokens you own. These have now been addressed, and final ETT balances should now be displayed correctly.

Please log in to your ICO area to view your balance. (It may take a few minutes to update, because the portal needs to connect to nodes for all four blockchains — Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Waves and Bitcoin.)

If there is still an issue with your balance, please fill in the form to let us know and we will take a look as soon as possible. Investors should remember that ETT balances are not recorded by a database in the portal: they are calculated directly from the amounts deposited on the different blockchains. The blockchain is therefore the final arbiter of token balances.

We will shortly be enabling distribution, and will post further instructions beforehand.

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