Today, $HUP ($700k mc) announced their partnership with Flux ($45m mc) for Socially Conscious NFT Marketplace. This is HUGE for such a small cap. 💎 $HUP 🤯

[$HUP]( literally [JUST announced]( a partnership with Flux.
Yes, [THAT Flux](

$HUP has already[ announced a partnership with ETHO Protocol](

Here’s their [tweet]( about it.

This is the BEST news the project has had yet! Staking and farming to come soon.


[🌭HUP.LIFE]( **($HUP) is building** **HUP.MARKET**, the socially conscious NFT Marketplace for artists and collectors to **authenticate their art, find copycats online,** and **buy, sell, and license them through their copyright as Copyright-Enabled NFTs (ceNFTs)™,** **while complying with international copyright and securities law. And while helping to save capybaras at the same time.**

**✔ $HUP** **solves the NFT Permanence Problem** and hosts metadata and multimedia files through a **Decentralized, Resilient File Hosting** Protocol

**✔ $HUP** lets you make your NFTs work for you. Copyright owners can earn $HUP by licensing art to: Art Galleries, Live Broadcasts, Metaverse Parties, Advertisers, and more.

✔ $**HUP is the fuel of HUP.MARKET**, and donates 5% of NFT Sales & Licensing Deals to a broad-based cause selected by artists at the time of minting, and artists are rewarded 5% of Secondary Sales & Licensing Deals.

✔ **$HUP Has Probably The Best Tokenomics You’ve Never Seen™, including an 8% fee on every token purchase, sale and wallet transfer:**

**2% is automatically and proportionately rewarded to all $HUP holders.**

**2% Is burned forever.**

**2% is converted to liquidity.**

**and 2% is sent to a charity wallet for capybara-related causes.**

✔️ $HUP – 100% Fair Launched on PancakeSwap June 15th

✔️100% DOXXED, transparent team

🔥Binance Smart Chain PURCHASE LINK:


🚨THE NFT PROJECT has been Endorsed by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak [](

🔥 Passed 2 Audits! CertiK &, Haeichi

Major Publication Mentions



⭐️ [](



🔥In Wallet Staking. Just hold $HUP Tokens in your wallet to earn daily rewards.🔥

🔥Key Social Sites:


Telegram Group:[](

Telegram Channel: [](

Twitter: [](

Instagram: [](





💬 Holders 3800 +

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  1. I’ll never respect a crypto that (1) redistributes transaction fees AND (2) burns transaction fees.

    Both things literally accomplish the same thing. You only ever do both if you want to market to gullible people that don’t understand the basics of supply and demand. You can choose either (1) or (2) if you so desire, but choosing both is a serious red flag IMO as it shows that the target audience is uneducated buyers.

    Another red flag is a crypto advertising “holders”. You literally can’t even know how many “holders” you have. All you can count is published addresses. That doesn’t map 1:1 to people.

    Oh, and “staking” by just holding it in your wallet is obviously BS. How is that “staking” helping with PoS if you don’t even need to run the software for it?

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