To the people complaining about the safemoon wallet 🙄

If your one of the people complaining about the safemoon wallet…..pull your fucking panties up!!! Do yall not understand that if they release the wallet and it crashes or people lose their money then safemoon would be ruined . That’s it, it would all be over and No going to the Moon for anyone. It would all be ruined or at the very least very difficult to come back from. If they need this time to make sure it’s perfect so be it. This is a long term investment, all you little paper hand bitches really letting your true colors show. Yall not built for this and you will NEVER become rich if this bothers you. This project is only 4 months old. 4 MONTHS!!!!!!! Let them work, and do their magic. I have no doubt that they have mine and every other investors best interest. If you disagree then by all means sell your bag and keep it moving.

To all my 💎🙌🏼 keep holding and I’ll see yall on the moon, everyone else please get that sand out of your vagina ✌🏽

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  1. Why is a delay so heartbreaking to you all? Everything gets delayed. Video games, iphones, cars, flights. Shit my packages get delayed all the time. Why are you all making a big fuss over it? They’re ironing things out. Just chill out god dam. If this gets you upset then you should be wrapped in cotton wool.

  2. You’re ignoring one vital piece of info. The Safemoon team should have followed their own advice and kept their mouths closed about timelines. Sure enough they’re getting roasted for a very perceivable delay in product launch. They are a legitimate company; they should be delivering. If you (safemoon) can’t put the money where your mouths are, then it’s best to stay silent.

  3. Only reason a lot of ppl are not happy about the way it was put out to the public. As a business owner myself we have project dates we have to set for completion and it the customers money. Think of it this way we are the customer they should have gave a explanation hey we are behind with covid and the apple process is taking longer than expected I know this is not an open beta but we are gonna go to 10,000 which a moderate 4M holders including centralized exchanges is .0025 percent of holders THAT IS NOT AN OPEN BETA!!!! You may have zero reason to complain but you don’t know everyone’s reason or mental health right now with the state the world and economy everywhere is so we are all hoping for better and have built up a lot of belief in these devs and the transparency they try to bring to the table. I’ve always been a strong supporter but as a business owner myself we have to have damn good reasons for missing deadlines that we set (no one made him say end of July he did that on his own so this is John’s mistake you can sugar coat it) we are charged 250 a day for every day past deadline. So a decent explanation would have went a long way the post that was put up was like a smack in the face to a lot of ppl. As a business owner this was a bad mistake and gave fuders the ammo they wanted and needed. I will keep my safemoon even if it crashes completely but until I see products and better communication and accountability by them for missing dates they set themselves im not buying anymore or pushing friends or family or anyone to buy any. This was very unprofessional and there was a lot better ways to handle it. If you don’t agree then we are just gonna have to agree to dis agree but my family owns multiple business they started from nothing so I know how a start up goes but words go a long way so a few words from either John or hank would have been soo much better.

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