To everyone who is losing hope

I’ve been seeing so much fud from people on this sub. If you want to make money and have doge go up, hodl, don’t lose hope, and know that this isn’t over. Why sell when you’re in the red when you can hodl for a few more months and regain your losses? If you’re selling because you need the money then you shouldn’t have invested that money in the first place. Many people who invested in doge were inexperienced traders, which is probably one reason for the massive price decrease – amateur traders got scared and decided to cut their losses.


1) Know that all crypto is down right now.

2) Dogecoin was at less than a cent last year.

3) Do you really think there won’t be a crazy hype train when the DOGE – 1 rocket lifts off in the first q of 2022? It will most likely go past $0.70.

4) Bitcoin and other crypto are in a short term bear market right now, but many indicators are suggesting that there will be another rally relatively soon (a few months). And all crypto follows BTC.

5) Say what you’d like about Musk, but the fact that he’s backing this project is huge. This is one of the most wealthy men in the world, with innovative technologies emerging from his company.

6) The devs are working to make this a serious coin with actual use. Thousands of businesses already are accepting DOGE as currency.


What do you think?

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  1. Because people talking like you many people lost big money needlessly if they sold what they had when a Doge was $0.34 they would be better now but some ,,&$+&2, guys telling them hodl

  2. Saying things like, “you shouldn’t have invested that money in the first place”, is not going to win you any friends or credibility. You may have some insightful things to communicate, but you need to work on your tone of presentation. Just a helpful suggestion . . .

  3. If people really want to make a profit, they need to have their portion they want to hold, then currently buy a portion they want to sell early when the dip quits dipping and goes up. Too many people complaining rather than thinking like real day traders.

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The student becomes the master, or something… David vs Goliath 2.0?