Tired of all the rugs? So are we. TCARES is an auto bnb rewards token with a one of a kind contract

Looking for a place that will not rug or scam, well that is exactly what we are building with our contract that is starting out with TCARES. The contract we have been working on for over a month will allow us to have an incredibly unique ecosystem of tokens with a vast array of functions that can or can not be used by being enabled by the team.

Our goal is to give people a place to earn BNB by holding tokens in the ecosystem which there will be a VIP pool for those that hold all of the tokens, giving back a larger amount of BNB rewards to the VIP pool. The BNB rewards will automatically go to the token holders and there will be no need to push a claim button or go onto the bsc scan.

15% Tax per transaction

10% will go to BNB Rewards

5% will go to Reflections

We are also going to have an allocated amount of BNB set to the side from the presale to use as buy backs to help the charter when needed. Also we will be pushing to get listed on CMC & CG within 24 hours with a connection we have, along with getting influencers to post about TCARES

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