Tipping Doge and Security Question

Hey y’all.. I’ve got a question.
If you were to tip a fellow shib in doge, to a publicly viewable and presumably static wallet address, will that transaction be less secure and potentially threatening to the security of your identity as well as others who have tipped to the same address?

Example Given:
Youtube video with a wallet address publicly available in the description with the purpose of acceptinf tips for the creators content.
If I tipped to that address; Is it less secure/private than if it were a dynamically changing random address?

Thank You in advance.
Please bump this, or maybe leave links that may explain more. I’ve researched this subject but the technical dialogue is more cumbersome than I expected. I appreciate any and all feedback.

What do you think?

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  1. If you never tell anyone that you own address XYZ, there is no way for anyone to know who owns that address. Even if you tell them you own ABC, that is not proof that you own it.

    Once someone knows you own a specific wallet, what can they do with that info? Trace some transactions though the blockchain is about all. This does not impact the security of your wallet. Every transaction ever made with Doge is public knowledge. This is true of other coins as well, including BTC and ETH. Knowing these transactions does not put your wallet’s contents at risk.

    The only thing that jeopardizes the security of your wallet is giving out your private key. Or if you’re using an online wallet, then just like an online bank, your must protect your login and password.

    tldr; someone knowing your wallet address does not make your wallet less secure.

    Please anyone help out if I misstated something.

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