There’s so much going on here 🤯 When people catch wind of us..

With all the teasers and products releasing it’s got me nervous that it all looks too good to be true ( NOT FUD ).

Just a feeling. To me holding is easy because I believe in safemoon. To me it’s almost looking so easy to get that financial freedom I’m sat here trying to think if all these products are really going to do the damage we think they will to the price and volume.

So in the works we have



Operation pheonix

NFT marketplace


? Cryptonomics ?

? More bridges ?

? Mesh network / IOT ?

With all this planned things are only looking upwards in my eyes when people catch wind of safemoon and take us seriously.

I worked out the daily returns for even if the volume sits around 500 million. It would be like doing overtime at work every day… just for holding.

What do you think?

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  1. Holding easy as well and have kept adding. 90% very confident in investment/dev missions, 10% back of mind, this is too radical… please SM, don’t fuck me.

    When trying to explain this to friends/colleagues, the SM info we have now and the cryptic marketing is too complex to explain or a flat turn off. I get a laugh and “you’re out of your mind”, this is too complex, or please stop talking about SM response everytime I bring it up. FUD here doesn’t bother me but I’m in commodities and surrounded by smart/wealthy people and they won’t put $1k in. But, they’ll bet $50k to win $30k on the TB Lightning. (which hit)

    I think the receptions I receive when I pitch creates that please don’t fuck me feeling but f it, I’m long on this and looking forward to when the ride really starts.

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