The Ten Crack Commandments of WSB

1. There is no glory or pride in bagholding

2. This is not a team sport

3. Smallcaps do not in fact have the most potential upside. Apple was sitting at 120 (a PE of 28!!) literally all year, yet the sub was flooded with SPAC pump and dumps

4. Doing research does not mean scrolling Reddit and watching YouTube videos. Read the financial filings of the companies you’re interested in. Anyone who read Workhorse’s balance sheet would know they were a financial trainwreck

5. This is a gambling sub focused on get-rich-quick schemes, not a “BUY AND HODL” sub or a “IM NOT SELLING 💎🙌💎🙌💎” sub. Again, there is no glory or pride in bagholding

6. Chamath is not your friend. Branson is not your friend. Motley Fool is not your friend. Seeking Alpha is not your friend. Lowkey, when it comes to your money, no one is your friend. Trust no one

7. Don’t bet against the mouse. The house of mouse always wins

8. The majority of the market is in a highly speculative bubble right now. Hedge funds know this. Banks know this. Opportunistic companies rushing to IPO know this. SPACs know this. Do you know this?

9. Investing based on fundamentals will never go out of fashion. Investing based on FOMO is just you buying a ticket to get gapingly asspounded when the market corrects (and it always corrects). Valuations matter. Profits matter. Don’t just buy into a story based on emotion

10. If you unironically use stocktwits, God save you

What do you think?

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  1. *checks sub*

    Commandments seems solid, but not quite what WSB is right now. Maybe soon be back in the old ways. Till then, everyone’s besties with all the meme CEOs and “investing” is team sport.

  2. Doesn’t even rhyme

    Consignment is only for live men, or, in this case, buying on margin

    How many tots on here have no idea what 10 Crack Commandments you’re referring to

    Who is dreaming about Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis


  3. I agree with almost everything you’ve penned, but

    > Don’t bet against the mouse. The house of mouse always wins

    sounds memeish even if it has proved to mostly be correct (past performance is no yhada yhada yhada).

  4. 90%’of all stocks actively traded have crashed huge since feb and many or at least underperformed

    10-20 big caps running the indices daily since they are bubbles at trillions in market ca

    Its laughable u think the whole market is a bubble

    Stocks crash 40% in days now

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