The Subscription Economy is changing our lives and $ZUO is making the change possible.

Alright boys and girls hodl on to your roosters cause this one is going to be a doozy.

TL;DR – $ZUO provides the infrastructure for companies to have a subscription based business. I believe that this industry is undervalued and I think it will see massive growth.

Subscription based services are taking over the entertainment, fashion, financial services and tech industry. I know all of this going to sound retarded but these industries have maximized their profits by creating subscription based sales instead of one time sales. A great example of this is Netflix. Everyone has a Netflix subscription nowadays and a large amount of those subscriptions are on autopay so your bank account gets charged and it goes unnoticed by a large amount of users.

[In 2020 Americans have spent in estimated $525 Billion on subscription based services.]( And this is predicted to grow in the up coming years according to this chart I made:

I know what you’re thinking, this guy’s is retarded. Well maybe. But just ask yourself this: Who is responsible for the billing and collection of money of the users of these services? Well it isn’t the subscription company. Introducing: $ZUO.

$ZUO provides the infrastructure that a company needs to take it’s business to the next level by continuing or switching to a subscription service.

$ZUO provides these main services:

* $ZUO Billing
* Provides billing to customers and takes care of ongoing customer account changes
* $ZUO Revenue
* Automatically recognize revenue for any pricing strategy or billing model. Groups the company’s revenue according to their policies and models.
* $ZUO Collect
* I could type something fancy and smart here but the chart bellow looks better so just take a look at that.

$ZUO plays a huge part in collecting the money from you and me and giving it back to their customer. Some of the customers that $ZUO has partnered with include: HBO, theguardian, GoPro, Zoom & DocuSign just to name a few. You can find the entire list of customers [here.]( All of these companies need $ZUO systems and services to succeed and profit so I think the demand for these services will soar in both the near and distant future.

This type of business has huge upside and I believe that it’s not getting the attention that it deserves. There’s already some mayor investors that are starting to try to get ahead by buying a shit ton of shares like Blackrock, Vanguard Group and Brown Advisory. [Another investor in $ZUO is Justin Zhu who is an avid LSD user]( As $ZUO customers see growth, so will $ZUO and I think getting in early on this industry could see any where from 800% to even 1500% growth.

Positions: $ZUO 100 contracts 1/20/22 $20c & 200 shares at $15.79.

I will most likely increase my position in the upcoming weeks, I will post updates in later this year and I’ll remember you guys when I’m in the moon.

What do you think?

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  1. Looking at it on my 5 day chart, it is testing resistance at the 17.65 level. It is overbought on stochastic but macd looks like the bull line is about to cross the bear line.

    Looking at the 6 month chart, I do like the swing trade set up. I wont put options on this one but Ill buy 150 shares and sell at at least 19 or higher.

    Not financial advice just a retard looking at charts

  2. 13 year old company that isn’t already the size of stripe despite having the strongest tailwinds perhaps ever, no thanks

    that screams to me that their management doesn’t know how to create a sustainable company that incubates talent and new ideas

    subscriptions shouldn’t be a difficult engineering problem, analytics on top shouldn’t either, what’s their excuse? They’ve had 13 years… AND on that note, what’s their moat? It’s not difficult to replicate their solutions

    Lol, I just read their glassdoor, even their employees that are happy working there think that the business strategy is retarded

  3. All I can say is if this bitch goes vertical take your gains and GO…. I held after earnings like a coked out moron and went from 500% to …… ZERO but it was just one 10.00 contract. I believe this one is due for a breakout but its definitely not a one month play. I do at least Jan 22′ but this baby should take off unless this whole shithouse of cards catches fire and burns down around us that is…. GL

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