the reason why r/cryptocurrency is the worst place to get advice from

anyone notice how that sub only promotes coins that are already mainstream? such as cardano, eth, and btc. they’re basically saying to only invest in coins that already 10x or 100x. they promoted ripple along time ago when it was at its ATH but then what happened later? it crashed and was never mentioned again. same thing might happen to cardano. they do this because they know it’s easy to convince people to invest in coins that have already skyrocketed and hope they could further profit from it. the true gains come from investing in coins while it’s not liked or recognized by many such as safemoon. I’m not saying that all coins that aren’t famous are profitable, but the ones with alot of good promises but don’t have as much investors is what would make you a life changing amount of money. (not financial advice)

tldr: if you want a life changing amount of money, invest in coins that have good promises and isn’t famous yet like safemoon! (again, not financial advice)

edit: oh looks like I hurt some elitists from r/cryptocurrency **🤣** **🤣** **🤣** they hate the truth

edit 2: so far all of you from r/cryptocurrency are just repeating stuff you heard from that sub. throwing out the words “rugpull” and “ponzi” lightly at anything you don’t like. I’ve asked alot of people so far why they think it’s a scam and no one knows why. lol make up your mind already you peeheads.

What do you think?

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  1. Why the fuck are subs “promoting” anything? These subs should be here for discussion. If you’re upset because the majority of people in a particular sub have a different set of beliefs, then just diversify where you’re having a discussion.

    Also, the internet is great for many things but general “advice” it’s not. Think got yourself, the whole fucking internet is a hive mind and if you think your precious sub is different you’re diluting yourself.

  2. Went in there for fun last week and found a Safemoon basher to torment with facts. They are definitely not receptive to anything other than the mandated group think. Interesting though that they parroted debunked FUD like crazy, but failed to respond to any basic factual information. The whole group then went nuts and downvoted me into oblivion. Zero debate and cult like obsession is a good way to get caught holding a serious bag. Discussions and different perspectives are always the way to educate and inform.

  3. There’s a considerable amount of ADA hype on here, you can’t shit talk any top project without getting downvoted because everyone is so hardcore about their moon distribution, (i.e. you can’t say anything negative about anything without a negative karma attachment).

    This sub has become completely obliterated by mostly nonsense and FUD regarding cryptocurrencies, actually hurting any potential progress for the cause with a ridiculous amount of shitcoin posts, I’d expect on shitcoin subs, but goddamn, you have to filter through a mountain of nonsense to find anything relevant any more.

  4. The truth is and i believe is diversification if you feel you can invest but do it logically for me i have 50-80% of portofolio on long lasting coins based on core fundamentals to me. Bitcoin is just first to market if not its as useless as others its gotten its strength from the first to market faour so that should work. Etherium for me is the real driving force for the crypto currency space. other coins fromADA to Polkadot and Solana are speculative .you know why cause like bitcoin , etherium is first to market in all .. othe coins like DOGE and safemoon are like lottery tickets and i like the wow factor i have with them grown to understand the crypto space much better.. its fun and everyone should be fine. my personal thoughts. Doge has lasted over 5years. i belive any top 30 coin would last for a long time . Dodge is working with elon , saafemoon the exchnage and mobile wallet great stuff and shiba with the shiba swap. it takes alot to be seen and they have gotten there . lets be frank any press is good press to me .
    my own two Cents

  5. This is horrible investing advice. That’s like saying you shouldn’t buy Apple or Tesla or Amazon stock. Blue chip stocks tend to perform the best in the long run. Look at Warren Buffets portfolio. No reason to think Crypto would be any different. If anyone told me I’m looking to get into Crypto what should I buy I would recommend BTC and Eth every time.

  6. A coin with fundamentals thats up 100x from launch is still a much safer investment than a coin with 0 fundamentals that needs to have people shilling it on tiktok for it to grow.

    r/cryptocurrency advises the safest most reasonable form of investing, sure you can make money elsewhere if you’re lucky but that involves buying into pump and dump shitcoins like this one and HOPING that you time the market. A productive asset with intrinsic value is bound to be worth more than it is today 5 years from now as adoption increases. Safe moon and doge don’t do anything that another crypto doesn’t do better so after the shilling and hype is dead, why would they go up?

  7. The lack of knowledge in this post is astounding! This has to be a newbie to crypto,; no other explanation for this ignorance. Have fun with your future rugs!!!

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  9. Good promise isn’t a rugpull coin. Let alone constantly trying to promote it to push monetary value up because that’s the only value. Other coins in the top spots actually can do something. Safemoon does what exactly? Go up and down on the chart?

  10. Crypto is unregulated. Often there are either very few or no use cases for the tokens / coins. To make life changing money you have to throw in more than a few dollars. There are thousands of projects. To get the right one requires luck. You could make an educated choice but you still need luck. In other words, it’s not safe to invest a lot into volatile, unproven projects. How many promising projects have failed already?

    Established projects aren’t always a good investment in terms of risk but at least they’re much safer than unproven projects. In risky projects the potential gains are included in the price basically.

  11. Know what all these shit coins have in common and why they won’t go anywhere and are just pump and dumps? A supply over a quadrillion or more. The amount of liquidity needed to move these projects to decent numbers is immense. So in turn it’s harder to get them moving when there is already a coin out doing the same thing, that has further along progression and a supply in the billions.

    At the end of the day it’s your money, quit hating on a sub because they do their research and use their experiences to help guide new investors into the right direction. Instead of sending them to safe moon where they will more than likely lose money and get turned off all together.

  12. The simple facts are: this is a post bashing another sub … For what? How does that do anything positive for safemoon?

    There is good advice and valuable info there, and just like any other sub there is also a lot of crap that isn’t worth reading. To call it the worst sub to get advice sounds like you’re mad bro.

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