The platform ZkTube

ZkTube is a promising solution for a variety of applications with a high level of transaction delivery requirements. The platform is designed for high Dapp bandwidth. ZkTube Protocol – Offers an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution based on ZK Rollup technology. All funds are stored in smart contracts on the main chain. zkTube is computational and off-chain storage and has a proven zero knowledge side chain performance. #zkTube #Ethereum #layer2 #Crypto #Blockchain #Halving [](

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Ingot Farming – Yiel Farming NFT – Pre Sale is LIVE – BSC

🕹 They’ve Created an amazing VR NFT App on the Blockchain. VrNFT is creating one of the coolest VR Concepts on the blockchain that lets anyone build their own VR NFT world which serves as a platform for advertisement/entertainment (The Youtube of VR). FairLaunch in 2 days. 💎