The Official SHIBARISE Hyper deflationary automatic buy, burn and distribute allows you to earn passive income! Rise tokenomics but enhanced! low MC ready to 100x. Trusted community and developer! LFG๐Ÿš€

SHIBA RISE (SHIBARISE) BSC – Pancakeswap + CoinMarketCap


Vision and Purpose

SHIBARISE is a rose growing in the concrete. In the time of endless rug pulls and honeypots, SHIBARISE stands out because the team is constantly at work expanding our reach, developing the website, and doing everything necessary to provide organic growth and healthy community. The team is almost always able to be reached. The vision is to create an honest community backed crypto currency where people are personable and work on the project as a team. Our plan is to create a platform for communication among members involving a wallet, ranking system and advanced warning of fraudulent projects and actors. We also want to incorporate a Pay Out and Burn function in the future where some of the accumulated taxes will be used to allow whales to safely exit without harming our current market price.

Buy – Burn – Reflect

SHIBARISE contract utilizes the 6% WHALE tax that is accumulated to fight off sell offs. Consider it an insurance for SHIBARISE value because the contract automatically puts it back into liquidity, burn and reflection. Itโ€™s a win, win, win. When someone sells, the contract buys. You will see sell orders of 200,000,000,000 coming from the same contract. What that is, is the original tax is accumulated in the form of SHIBARISE tokens and in order for it to split between marketing and buying back it converts to WBNB. This Wrapped BNB is then used to buy back after sales and provide rocket fuel (Marketing Funds). Also the tokens that are purchased are then reflected 2% back to hodlers, liquidity and a burn.

Marketing & Development

Each transaction comes with a 3% tax. This tax is used for marketing, website development, audits, youtube videos, tiktok videos, tweets, sponsor, listings and more. It is the rocket fuel needed in order for healthy growth. The community has a huge roll in the direction of marketing. What do we want to save for? What do we do next? The community gets a vote.

Safe Pay Out and Burn

Safe Pay Out and Burn Function (Theoretical) . The contract already accumulates a 3% tax on transactions. Down the road after listings in cg, cmc, kucoin and this is all stuff that happens in time with luck, hard work and dedication. 3% of daily volume on a pumping token is hugeโ€ฆ big enough to allow people to choose to sell their tokens directly to a feature on our platform that uses the accumulated tax to buy their tokens and burn them. Therefore increasing the price rather than reducing when a whale decides to exit.


A SHIBA with strengthened Rise tokenomics and an outstanding burn rate by utilizing the automatic whale buy, burn, and reflect contract built within it. With reflection to holders, marketing and the buy and burn function this token is set out to create solutions for many problems within our networks.

Sites set on NFTs, staking, swapping, reading charts or communicating in our private social network for serious crypto traders. Linked with a determined community and developer. SHIBA RISE is set to become a dominating force in the crypto world.

All community members are respectful professionals who all bring their own unique skill set to the table. We are working on building our network and expanding the community. SHIBA RISE is a community driven meme token with purpose, and everyone has the ability to contribute to the project.

Our lead developer is American and created SHIBA RISE out of spite for all the rug pulls and honey pots that are plaguing the networks. From a legal stand point our developer is doxed and is bound to follow the laws. He saw a major problem and decided to work towards solutions by providing a scam free token with goals to provide the utilities to avoid scams and prosper with real projects.

Wallet, Exchange, NFTโ€™s, Marketing, Retail and more. There is no limit with SHIBA RISE.


๐Ÿš€ 2% reflection to holders ๐Ÿš€ 6% Automatic Buy Back ๐Ÿš€ 3% marketing/development tax

๐Ÿš€ Total Supply 1,000,000,0000๐Ÿš€ ๐Ÿš€ 270,000,000,000,000 Current Burned Amount๐Ÿš€

Market Cap time of writing $569,399

Current BNB in Liquidity 194

Current BUSD in Liquidity 10,250

Now listed on CMC

๐Ÿ›Ž Slippage: 13% – Slippage to sell

To buy 0.5% and change SHIBARISE tokens to example 10000 = 10001

27.5% total supply burned (we started at 6% on 6-20-2021)

Locked Liquidity on DXSale

Fair Launch on 6-20-2021 Block Audit Report 100% Pass 7-2-2021

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