The new trend of celebrities and influencers promoting scam coins is a HUGE problem

Lately i’ve been seeing celebrities promoting “scammy” coins and projects, like Kim Kardashian and Floyd Mayweather talking about “Ethereum Max” not caring about the fact that a lot of their followers will go and buy these coins and eventually losing all their money.

So if you are looking to invest in the cryptocurrency market please don’t listen to these “influencers” since they are being paid to boost these type of projects, instead find community driven platforms that work on protecting their users’ interests, like GPool that choose hand picked projects that would be beneficiary to their members while eliminating whales, pumps and dumps, token manipulation and FUD.

Or investing in coins that have potential, sustainability, and scalability like $ATOM, $DOT and $ADA

In short my point is that please don’t take financial advice from celebrities that have zero knowledge on the cryptocurrency market.

What do you think?

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  1. Well if your dumb enough to follow celebrities…. you sort of deserve it!

    What do you think the Kardasions do…. actually use all the high priced low cost junk they flog to their dumb followers?

    They are in the business of SELLING and maximising PROFIT… not doing what’s best for their followers!

  2. Best advice or insight into a project I ever took was from Steven Chen and Yu Pan founders of Youtube, PayPal Dropox and so on….and yes ! Elon is not the only one… Besides Origin Protocol is not a meme coin, but not only Elon screw things up for us but now Kim Kardashian and Mayweather ? Hell no ! Even Paris Hilton is more educated on this subject then them ! She spoke NFT’s many times, she spoke about her charity work, a girl with a purpose, not just a cheap shill like some other so called celebrities. Sorry if my words sound a bit mad ! But this is a good topic I’m happy someone brought it up !

  3. Why would anyone with an ounce of grey matter take financial advice from a vacuous tart or punch drunk idiot.

    Way too many YouTubers and other “influencers”, read too lazy to work, have been caught out promoting one thing while doing the opposite, it seems to be an almost daily occurrence these days.

  4. The reason for this is because the crypto market has dangerously low liquidity.

    The constant phony stablecoin printing of USDT and USDC is no longer keeping the market from collapsing.

    So more money is being thrown at people to sucker new blood into the market with real money.

    The problem is, that money is being siphoned off by the exchanges. So it’s getting worse no matter what.

    Be afraid. There’s going to come a time where you can’t cash out, at all.

  5. Devil’s advocate:

    What if they are better projects at face value, (then you take them for); Did you assess their blockchains code? Are you qualified to even compare BTC to another Blockchain?

    For all you know, their blockchains could be planning to release groundbreaking products as it evolves. Maybe the sponsors know that….

    Just because your unhappy people aren’t buying your coin choice that makes their technology inferior? Or?

    BTC is the lead chain. I understand that but that also means other chains could recognize it and create similar / superior chains too. Just saying…

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