The future of Blockchain Privacy

SATA (Signata) is a project **3+ years in the making** that provides both on and off chain encryption solutions for identity verification. The main idea of the team is to replace the “login-with-Google” option with the ability to log in using your hardware wallet by utilizing NFTs to **authenticate your data without actually providing it** (think swiping your Blockchain badge). This provides two HUGE selling points. We, as consumers, don’t have to provide our email/phone number/social or create 50 passwords anymore. **Business no longer have to worry about securing customers data or data breaches.** It’s the classic Win/Win scenario.


The founders of Signata are two Australian devs with **20+ years in designing encryption solutions** for major sectors of the market (like entire countries PKI) and have been working on the project for several years before the tokens release.


$SATA Token uses

– payment between users and services

– payment between services and services

– there will be staking systems in the future, when more of the functionality is released


Current news

– Both Tim & Ben impressed Chainlink so much that an integration with them is already in the works

Marketing manager just recently joined the team and is looking to push on immediately

– Mobile app (alpha) to be released on Android

– Initial Demo website dropping soon


[Tim Quinn & Ben Burrough](

* **Website** – [](
* **CMC** – [](
* **Coingecko** – [](
* **Twitter** – [](
* **Telegram** – [](
* **Chart** – [](
* **Linkedin** – []( [](
* **MARKET CAP – $2.5 MIL USD**

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  1. Fantastic project, which is still pretty much unknown in the crypto verse.
    Everyone should have privacy and secure data online – Signata will bring this to the masses

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