The fuck is wrong with a lot of you?

INB4 “just sell and give us you’re reflections”

I swore off this sub but since I’m still subscribed, I saw an insane post where someone plugged the recent tweet into Jewish germafria just now and can’t hold back

A lot of subs are laughing at us. It is so embarrassing to have the amount of posts we do with the subjects and deep dives that we do

The devs post something cryptic? Stop spending hours “researching” and posting QAnon-like bullshit here. We look like total fools.

The devs have not delivered anything of any substance yet. Stop keeping your eyes shut and acting like the psafemoon bullshit was some sort of accomplishment; it wasn’t.

They tweet an owl and say “hoot” and people are finding a random owl somewhere and snapping pics and posting them like you’re taking as a sign. People are looking up the word owl and finding random companies and saying that SafeMoon is probably teaming up with them. People ramble “The Gambia” when 1. not one single verifiable government source has verified any of that and 2. you don’t even know what the fuck “The Gambia Project” is.

What’s even worse is that the devs are reading these posts and seeing that the SafeMoon people are complete and total nutjobs who are ignoring glaring red flags and are reciting the old “I got more reflections” while the whales slowly drain liquidity. “I don’t care about price I care about volume” as SafeMoon mark states a bunch of times while the whales slowly drain liquidity and volume is low. “But the whole market is crashing!” true, but not like this

Many spend hours “decoding” cryptic tweets from a bunch of 20-something year old devs and acting like they are untouchable gods. They’re kids, and until they provide something of substance, they need to stop being humored the way many of you are humoring them.

It’s starting to remind me of the QAnon crowd. I personally know someone who will look me straight in the face and tell me that Trump is secretly still president; it’s scary as fuck. I followed that shit very very closely to see how deep and far they would go and boy are they gone. This SafeMoon group of people are starting to do similar things. I saw some psycho post on twitter last night that the blockchain was secretly already done first and this is all a game or some dumb shit like that. Totally anonymous twitter account. No name, no face, and people are posting it on here while others gobble it up; just like the Q crowd did and does.

I’m in early enough and for little enough that it’s not going to affect me *at all* if the price goes to zero, but I’ve seen my share of idiots investing way more than they can afford since I joined in March and I’ve got a really bad feeling about this.

What do you think?

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  1. Cult qanon whatever the hell
    That is …

    I’m in this Reddit for Safemoon alone and to catch the amc squeeze when it happens. It’s something to do while we wait. Yes some posts are annoying just scroll and ignore. It doesn’t represent me as a person who’s invested in Safemoon. I’m just waiting to retire early. Yes there are many immature minded people here but maturity comes with time and experience.

    I just choose to ignore it and if they tweet cryptic messages who cares, it’s something to pass the time until we have news .

  2. I don’t have a bad feeling about the project, but the level of discourse does leave much to be desired. I would be happy if the devs stopped with the cryptic tweets as well. I have faith in them, but they are inadvertently contributing to the amount of smooth brains thinking they’ve cracked the codes.

  3. ‘A lot of subs are laughing at us’ – Oh *no,* what will we *do???*

    …we’ll get the fuck over it because this isn’t high school and we’re not trying to be head cheerleader. Jeez, why do people think they get to police this sub? Everyone doesn’t have to post what you think is acceptable. Get over yourself.

  4. You’re spouting uniformed horseshit sir.

    >People ramble “The Gambia” when 1. not one single verifiable government source has verified any of that

    Literally sound like you’ve done zero research on Safemoon yourself. Gambian government officials did verify it, and even more than that, the team went and met with Gambian officials in the Gambia and it’s on video.

    You say you swore off this sub and I believe it, because you’re clearly uninformed on whats been going on with the project.

  5. Here to provide support. I agree with you. It is feeling a bit cultish in this subreddit. I learned to filter out those noise and try to read only posts of substance.

    For frank straightforward dialogues without the noise, I recommend you visit r/safemooninvesting

    I’m still waiting on devs to develop something of substance as well.

  6. Finally someone with common sense and balls to speak up. Bravo bravo! I’m sure other crypto groups are looking at us like sheer fools. We need to calm down buy and hodl. This subreddit needs more substance. All we do here is post how many billion safemoon we bought for 100bux or what the chain on the owl means or when lambo.

  7. Whatever scam they pulled at the beginning with their fair launch and which is the reason why the price won’t go up today as their taking chunks of tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds out weekly from the pot having only put in a few hundred pounds if even that. People will be having more then just words if they don’t see real progress, especially the road map they have shown from the offset. Which is why most invested in the first place.

  8. It’s like the mirror image of conspiracy theorists. They’ll buy anything *except* a theory that they’re being screwed.

    Instead of a plot to separate them from their money (which, while I don’t think it’s happening here, is commonplace and far more likely) it’s always a plot to make them rich.

  9. Well I am glad someone said it. Very cultish TBH. I have seen posts where people say they will full on suck John or Papa off… its a strange community as a whole. While I hope that they deliver on all the items they have mentioned i have not invested more than I am willing to lose. Ill ride this till it hits $1.00 or it gets rugged lol

  10. A lot of my friends are not getting into Safemoon just because of those arrogant tweets or cryptic post actually, agreeing on some points with you. It’s important for the community to not look childish in front of other communities, I think that’s why a lot of people doesn’t take Safemoon seriously and don’t invest, sadly. The majority of people here looks like good people and most are new to crypto so it’s pretty normal for them to be excited and I’ve seen way worst community actually, this community just follow what Safemoon team does. Safemoon team just need to talk to us as investors not escape game players.

  11. Bro finally someone says it .. Whales emptieng the Liquidity slowly… Not quick enough to be a rug pull.. But slow enough for them to take 200M DOLLARS and maybe even continue the project because most idiots dont see it.. Bitcoin fell 40 percent the LP is down like 75 percent.

  12. Preach. People act like SafeMoon is the second coming of Jesus. I’ve seen people exclaiming that SafeMoon has more utility than Bitcoin(lol). When it comes down to it, they really haven’t accomplished much, technically speaking. People don’t realize that you can just go to and make your own BEP-20 token, complete with burn and reflections, in minutes with zero development knowledge.

    One thing the SafeMoon team has done really well so far is marketing. I will give them that. But that’s literally their greatest achievement so far. Everything else they’ve done requires no technical know-how and they definitely haven’t pioneered anything. Even the wallet is nothing special.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I hope they live up to the hype and the exchange is a smashing success. But, like you, my investment is small enough that I can just brush it off my shoulder if it goes to 0. The “emerald hands” people who are putting 100% of their investment money into SafeMoon are total morons. I even saw some guy post about liquidating his 401k early to put it into SafeMoon, yikes.

  13. Bro I am at a point where I want safemoon to be a rugpull. I invested 3k in it. Love the vision. Love the innovation. but at this point, i don’t care if I lose my money, I just want to questionmark these idiots. At the same time, Its so surprising to see that if you give some people hope, they would eat it up and live on it like idiots. Wolf of the wall streets in real life where minimum wage workers are promised to become rich. SMH

  14. As you should. Go to Odysee and search Safemoon and watch an experienced programmer pick apart Safemoon and then calling out the devs. The stuff going on behind the scenes that nobody cares to research is crazy. Sm devs copied and pasted code from an older contract and they aren’t even programming anything new for Sm. It’s all been contracted to India. It’s all hype and tbh I’m tired of hearing just hold or Sm is only 4 months old or the whole market is down. If none of these things were true Sm would just find another excuse. The reality is the money is going to vanish and what’s sad is these people are willing to walk off a cliff for Sm if they were asked too! It’s 100% hype period!

  15. Bro take it easy relax and every little thing is gonna be alright 😎.

    I am in few Reddit’s for coins I hold and every coin got its own thing, some have memes, some have “we are the best”, some have “every other project sucks”.

    SF community is full of first time crypto enthusiasts, so many are yet to find their grove.

    Also we are all investing into glorified magic internet beans, bottom line is things can go either way straight up or straight down, so let’s stop treating crypto like a standard investment asset it is not.

    The Teams age is irrelevant most things that are worth while we’re developed by some young folk and passions my good man it hasn’t been that long.

    And as for whales, most have been in since day one, so they are just taking their slice and moving on, after they go the token will be better off.

    So in summary relax, hold on and enjoy the ride….


  16. To be honest the quality of the posts In this sub means nothing. People can laugh and what ever. Yeh there is idiots and they need to chill but most of it is just bored people having fun.

    Once stuff is released and the wallet and exchange are live who cares what some random people said about safemoon in another sub Reddit.

  17. Lol….. Safemoon has 2.5 million holders buddy you think all those people are going to be angels? that’s why too many different people from all walks of earth it’s going to happen. toxicity is everywhere bro, this post was meant to be good-hearted but honestly you wasting your time…

  18. Ur a clown I’m glad u sold and aren’t part of this were just having fun don’t like it look the other way we aren’t hurting anyone thanks for the reflections tho

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