The easiest way to buy SafeMoon. IMO

I continue to see a lot of comments of people trying to explain how to obtain SafeMoon. They all seem difficult to me, knowing the way I buy it..

This might seem like a lot of steps, but it can easily be done within 2-3 minutes after you’ve done it once.

🔹Step 1:
Go to

🔹Step 2:
Input the amount of USD you’re trying to buy.

Change the crypto you’re buying to Binance Smart Chain BEP20.

🔹Step 4:
Go to your trust wallet and copy your “receive address” for BNB Smart Chain

🔹Step 5:
Paste that address into Paybis when asked.

🔹Step 6:
Input card info, buy Smart Chain.

🔹Step 7:
Go to

🔹Step 8:
Connect your TrustWallet via “WalletConnect”.

🔹Step 9:
Buy your SafeMoon.

❗️Trick when buying

Change the “Slippage” to “.01%”. Then on the “receive” amount of SafeMoon add “.000” to the end of the number. This will allow you to avoid all the slippage cost! (Only works when buying).

I hope this helps someone! 😊

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  1. It takes me less than a minute.
    1. Buy XLM from Coinbase or
    2. Transfer to Bitmart
    3. Sell XLM to USDT
    4. Buy Safemoon

    And the fact Bitmart doesn’t burn really doesn’t matter, the volumes we’re dealing with at this point is meaningless.

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