The development of health insurance and how $CLOV can seize this opporton.. opporotr…. opportunity.

# Sector: Health insurance

Social security and United States of America, not a good fucking combo, not an iconic duo let’s say. Obama at least tried with Obama Care, then came Trump, and he threw it in the trash bin. He shove it up his *ss like Dr.Sins does on a regular basis. With Biden a new air is floating through the social security section. I’ll be concentrating on the health insurance.

I’m a europoor and from the moment i start working, i’m obligated to pay social security taxes. In return i get decent health insurance. US is a little different, without going into detail, the health insurance in US is less strict and people need to rely more on private operators. Well, our boy $clov got our back. Y’all can say you don’t need insurance, but a lot of stuff you’d forget about. You used to be a weirdo if you got dental braces. Nowadays it’s opposite, and in fact a dental treatment is a fuckin fortune. If i knew initially how much that fuckin orthodontist would’ve charged me, i honestly would’ve considered to skip the treatment and use that money for $CLOV weeklies, but yeah, that’s that. The point is, you need the insurance more than you think.

# Great Catalysts

1. Currently CLOV is operating in 8 states. That means there is much more room for expansion. Recently Senate Democrats agreed to a [$3.5 trillion budget]( including medicare advantages. The medicare sector is in a growth process and it’s an opportunity for health insurance companies. It’s a stable market but a money injection could trigger the process of a full development with wider support for the citizens.
2. Patients who reside home get access to an [in-home care]( program. This is an aspect that could separate the new players like $CLOV from the giants. It could reshape the US healthcare industry as they don’t use physical clinics, but get doctors to deliver the healthcare either virtually or at people’s homes. The company can act as a disruptor. Once CLOV has settled in, it has a lot of room to run.

# Numbers to dial in case of an emergency:

– market cap: around 3.8B

– $CLOV is trading 6 times above its book value which is not high at all compared to its competitors in the sector.

– 132,000 total risk-based patients growing to 160,000 this year ( [source]( )

– ratings: Over the last month $CLOV got two new ratings from research firms. The following table makes us conclude that the stock is trading under its mean target price.

|JP Morgan|$9|
|B of A Securities|$10|



This is not financial advice. The number to dial in case of an emergency is actually 911. Just felt like i had to get my pencil and type out my feelings. positions: 243 shares @$11.56 average, in combo with weaklies every now and then lol

What do you think?

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  1. CLOV is a long term gamble. The ceiling is so high for them. The space they are in, the amount of money being spent there, and the pure lack of quality service….healthcare payers in the US are all garbage. It is going to take one, just one, doing something really unique to massively change things.

    CLOV COULD be that payer, but also…the amount of barriers they face is tremendous so I wouldn’t be surprised to see this fold completely.

    That being said, I am all in on it and the US healthcare payer landscape is in need of a shakeup.

  2. $CLOV is actually a good company. You don’t hear or see much about innovating the Medicare system. That program will run out of money in the following decade so if legislatures see them saving them money by reducing costs and properly increasing better results then it’s a game changer. It sucks seeing it in red but I’m not mad one bit or worried. You know the risks, but I also see the benefits.

    Edit: Pardon the typos

  3. Is CLOV being shadow banned?

    None of my YOLO or LOSS PORN posts makes it onto the new posts feed and they get literally 0 upvotes or comments which seems fucking impossible.

    I also don’t see very many CLOV posts despite it’s popularity.

    Am I crazy or have you guys noticed too?

  4. CLoV is the future of healthcare from what I understand. Plus from a political standpoint they have the best board members in the game!

    They have hot ass secretaries too.. which is a Texas # state law

  5. The understanding of the American healthcare system is incredibly low, and the people who understand it the least usually have the most to say about it.

  6. 3000 shares at 12.95$ , i am not selling. I see big potential in it. CEO is indian, had run hospitals in jersey and this company can save huge cost by doing all software developing in india.

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