The blockchain is full of scams and failures. And this can hurt investors, as well as other blockchain projects.

Almost 92% of the blockchain projects fail. It is sad, but this is realty. Most of them do not seem to understand the market, and do not actually have a legit plan. If you ask me, I believe that the first reason behind this issue is that most projects set unrealistic goals. When you set an unachievable target, surely you will not reach your destination.

Another important reason that turns a project into a flop is the lack of vision and market understanding. Most of these projects do not actually understand what the market actually lacks and how to meet its needs. It is why we see most investors are only interested in a few projects that have already proven their worth and quality.

This is why investors have to do their own researches and to they have to deeply analyze the projects they want to invest in. Because one wrong investment can be very costly, and it might lead to huge losses, and who knows? Maybe it can result in a loss of the total capital.

Scamming does not only hurt the investors, but it might also hurt other firms of the blockchain. Partnerships are one popular strategy followed by most of the projects around here, but imagine being a successful company, and losing all your profits and reputation because of a raw deal. Companies also have to be careful who they are teaming up with, for example “Gpool” have held back their launching till August, to give time to their team to analyze the deals and to have successful partnerships.

Everyone has the right to invest in what they like, but remember you are responsible for your investment, do not take anything for granted!

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  1. As much as there are so many scam coins out there, so also there are so many good coins out there but the scam coins have over shadowed them in a way. Credmark(CMK) looks like a good project, it has real world use case and has a great team. On July 19th Credmark tool will be launched in other to solve thee underlying issues of Uniswap V2 and V3

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