The Beacon Book is live! Read and Mint NFTs from a book about the Beacon Chain launch

The Beacon Book text and NFTs are live! We’ve been working with 46 eth2 researchers and implementers over the past 9 months to create this multimedia project. I’d be honored if you read their perspectives from around the launch of the Beacon Chain.

>> [**Read and Mint here**]( <<

“A crypto-native artifact that captures the humanity of the people building the future of Ethereum”

If you’d like to get a physical copy, please [**sign up here**]( for this minimal email list. We will email you when the auction for 100 Genesis Editions starts and when it ends. Check out some of the physical Contributor copies: [Terence](, [Lightclient](, and [Chaz](

Any ETH from NFT minting and the auctions goes directly to the contributors that made the book possible.

Thank you EthTraders 🙏

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