The Almighty Ledger: I Really pay for Security.

I love the ledgers but I have to attest that the more and more the interactions fail due to the device not responding to metamask, the ethereum bridge failing, and the more I want to break the thing in half and take my risk with hot wallets….although the latter I will continue to refuse to do. I have spent 20 hours over the last 3 months waiting for processes to go through that I wouldn’t have had a problem with if I didn’t choose the hardware route. Reinstalling wallets to clear the que due to the ledger not responding. Restarting browsers due to metamask not receiving the input from the hardware. The Ledger Live refusing to work with a X but working just fine with a S doing the same process, in the same browser. Blame the ledger, Blame the bridge, Blame Metamask. No matter which way I go it is a combination that has cost me.

Assuming my time is worth $25 an hour…I have just paid $500 plus the initial $150 for this setup.

So I really pay for security, I wish I could say this ledger sea is all smooth sailing, but it is not.


Any way <3 always.

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  1. Willie Woo stated that their are traders perfectly happy letting tens of thousands in assets right on exchange wallets. I cant imagine, their balls must clank.

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