The absolute next EPIC play: $T–all the reasons why this stock will make you rich AF, the discovery I found that ties Steve Jobs widow Laurene Jobs to the company, why you need to hop in, like yesterday, and a possible $AAPL deal. BONUS: An appearance from the bae of all bae’s: REESE WITHERSPOON

***Disclaimer: Not financial advice in any way, shape, form, thing, this, that, cat in the hat, sam I am, green eggs and ham.***

# Introduction (and Reese):

***As promised–Reese Freakin Witherspoon*** 😍(more why she matters and how it relates in just a quckie)

Boomer’s love it, you use it, your wife uses it to call her boyfriend, and we all need it: yes, an iPhone with 5G fresh dividend delivering cell service. **$T,** also known as AT&T, is a telecommunications service provider valued at over $171.8 billion. $T made headlines recently for the announcement of the media merger/spinoff/conglomoreate/absolute market share take over with Discovery last month.

Discovery–yeah, this one, remember?

Prior to the Discovery deal, AT&T paid an annual dividend of $2.08 per share, putting the stock’s dividend yield at 6.45%. After the deal, they upped it to 7.23%, it isn’t much when we make 1000% on what were about to discover, but remember, Boomers. Love. Dividends. a lot. You know what Boomers hate? Meme stocks. $T is a Boomer Stock, and once this fuckin rocket boomerang takes off, the 66 year old in retirement will tell all his buddies at the croquet club, and they will soak it all up, all of it. In fact, they will laugh in our faces and say: “**that’s why Warren told you to hold good stocks that pay dividends.”** Meanwhile, they don’t know that we were the ones who really discovered the rocket ship fueling up on the launch pad.

# The 200k OI for 7/16 calls:

Around 14:00 on 7/7/21 I was watching options flows and noticed massive amounts of $T options buying activity. I didn’t think anything of it, but they kept rolling in:

and rolling in:

# and fuckin rolling in:

This led me to dig deeper. I went to look at the option chain chart, and ***holy shit.***

I didn’t want to believe it, and thought it was probably some guy on WSB YOLO’ing. But then I went further, and what the actual fuck, it keeps going. All the way until September 17, 2021.

I still didn’t want to believe it. Then I went digging further and stumbled upon *Bae*, and there she was.

Reese Witherspoon owns Hello Sunshine, a media company that produces your wifes favorite late night binge with her BF-Big Little Lie’s, Little Fire’s Everywhere, The Morning Show, yeah, heard of them? I thought so.

“*The company began pursuing a sale in recent months after receiving interest from multiple suitors including Apple Inc., one of the people said. People close to the situation say the company could be valued at as much $1 billion in a deal.*

*Hello Sunshine is working with investment bankers as it explores its options, the people familiar with the matter say.”*

# $T owns a stake in Hello Sunshine through its 2018 purchase of Otter Media. Emerson Collective, the philanthropic organization founded by Laurene Powell Jobs, also owns a stake.

Do I need to say it again: $T + Hello Sunshine + **Laurene Powell Jobs**

# Laurene Powell Jobs. STEVE JOBS WIDOW. (R.I.P. Steve <3)

In case you didn’t know, $AAPL buys a company roughly every three to four weeks. Usually smaller companies, but none the less, still taking market share and slinging iPhones to TikTok’ers

**$AAPL bought Beats in 2014 for $3 billion**. A massive deal that changed the way we listen to Tupac and look at fly honeys at the gym. Hello Sunshine’s deal is at a valuation of over **$1 billion.** This is fucking huge for $T. It means that $T will not only own Shark Week, Naked and Afraid, but also **ALL** of HBO, and now **ALL** Sunshine Media Company’s huge hits. **ALONG WITH A FUCKING DEAL WITH $AAPL. BOOMERS WILL EAT THIS UP, ABSOLUTELY DEMOLISH IT AT THE TENNIS CLUB.** Once this deal is set, it’s off to the races, and it’s happening FAST, get on the $T rocket cause it’s fueling up in Tim Apple’s front yard.

TLDR; **$T has over 201,240 OI on 7/16 $30c and 143,000 OI on 9/17 $30c. Reese Witherspoon owns a bitchin company ALONG WITH STEVE JOBS WIDOW-Laurene Powell Jobs, that is looking to be bought out by $AAPL AND IS CURRENTLY IN TALKS FOR A DEAL. THIS COULD HAPPEN FAST.**

What do you think?

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  1. Someone tell me why I shouldn’t buy 6000 30c for Jul 16.

    Seriously. I crunched the numbers and added the Greeks. For each strike from 29-30.5. It all comes back overwhelming positive at the slightest increase above 30. With a premium of only $3 it’s just not hard to profit off of this one.
    So talk me out of it.

  2. Commendable effort!

    One more thing to point out is that $T owns WarnerMedia which means they own HBO Max. Despite the fact that the performance of the HBO Max app is a dumpster fire, they have been changing the paradigm of blockbuster releases and continue to leech users from Netflix.

    (Note: $T sold it’s stake in Hulu back to Hulu, of which Disney is the majority owner.)

    One thing I couldn’t find is Otter Media’s ownership percentage of Hello Sunshine. Regardless of the return Otter Media will realize, it will likely be less than $1B and it’s probably not going to move $T’s needle much.

    That all being said, I don’t think your options interest analysis has anything to do with this considering the ex-dividend and also that this “news” might have been a strategic leak to spice up the upcoming earnings call later this month. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    TL;DR $T is still a boomer stonk.

  3. This isn’t going to make as big a splash as you think it will, production companies are a dime a dozen.

    That said the options OI is fuckin’ weird, so I can’t help but wonder.

  4. T is popular already caus of their high dividend. Dont expect too much movement when its tied up in every boomers retirement fund and indices. However it seems their market share is slowly creeping up.

  5. 1. Now this some detective premium level DD.
    2. Apple buying would mean $T loses out on the deal, thus making all of this pointless, correct? In that case it would be wasted expectation.

  6. Their stock dropped after selling off Crunchyroll for over $1B to Sony. If I remember right, they have some major debt that’s holding down the stock. Still a great boomer stock, but not sure if a rocket is preparing for launch on this one

  7. I worked for this company for about 8 years, before and had its pros and cons. Worked in the sales division and also the tech division installing fiber. I don’t see this moving the needle, but what do I know…

  8. I’m out.

    Big fish gobbles up little fish.

    Where’s the play?

    If Hello Sunshine was publicly traded and undervalued then I can understand that play.

    But HS isn’t going to fundamentally change the value of T.

    Maybe there’s something else going on to justify the OI?

    Stay tuned and find out after a brief message from our sponsor.

  9. Interesting theory, but don’t think that would do much for the stock. I did like that you pointed out the options cause they are cheap af and for that reason I’m gonna grab a few. I do think that at&t/disc is a good merger that could shake things up.

  10. T was already above 32…. had been fun to sell puts… so i will unwillingly be in with shares at the end of next week…
    Will buy a few calls because you told me to..

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