Thanks Doge community!

Just a quick thank you and shout out for a very positive and informative bunch. Doge fam has been one damn good experience from the get go. I got in around .05-.07 and have been building since then. Ended up with over 30,000 Doge and right before the crash it was rather amazing to see the potential gains. I used all the info from everyone here to make this happen, learned and shared that with others. I recently sold some off in order to get out of Binance , so my initial investment is now covered. That being said I bought the dip today and just watched it dip again lol. In this for the long haul and itโ€™s been amazing to start in Doge and branch out into other cryptocurrency. Doge was the door to all the rest! Thanks for all the wisdom and good vibes , gonna ride out the rest of the bear market and see where we end up!!!!!

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