Tax free transfers

EDIT: talking about the 10% Safemoon tax, not government taxes.

Currently the bridge is free to use.

You can convert SFM=>PSFM and then convert it back into SFM but sent to a different wallet.

Example: send your SFM to Bitmart without a fee via PSFM intermediary, or to a friend, or to separate wallets for different purposes/kids/etc.

Also, a wallet suggestion for the dev team: the ability to change from SFM to PSFM and back the way that BNB to BSC conversions are done in Trust Wallet.

I believe the bridge fee structure can change at anytime so do this at your own risk. You will need BSC and ETH for gas for SFM and PSFM respectively.

What do you think?

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  1. might work for non USA countries, but in the USA, IRS is changing the rules and will require the following:

    1 US Banks are to notify the irs of any incoming transfers greater than $10,000.

    2 businesses that receive crypto worth more than $10,000 would have to file a current transaction report.

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