Taking my first steps into the ethereum universe. A cold shower…

Hey, fellow stakers.

I have just started to earn some money and I am taking my first steps into this universe now.

I have been researching ethereum 2.0 and staking and the idea of an environmentally friendly decentralized coin with a multi-purpose blockchain is magic to me.

I took the first step and stoke 30$ of eth in Bin**** (I am now aware there are better DEFI ways to stake). It may not sound like a lot, but I am a self-taught Brazilian developer who is taking its first jobs of my career in Upwork, so I make an average of 5$/hour for now…

After staking I intended to start tinkering with dapps, get familiar with the wallets and this universe. But when I was going to put some ETH in my wallet I saw the fee of 7$. I had assumed that the transactions fees would be around a few cents each, this transaction fee is a cold shower for me… I intended to play around with 20$, get in some pooltogether pools, see what the games are all about, but I have no way of doing it with the fees so high 🙁

I am wondering if this is just a spike, I did some research and it seems that the fees would go down when sharding is implemented, are they really gonna stay that high until then?


p.s. sorry about any English mistakes, feel free to point them out if you want to 🙂

What do you think?

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