T-Rex instance wasn´t validated.

Hi there,

so Im running two machines since february and didn´t change anything since, I also did not update Windows or the miner.

Couple of days ago I was noticed, that one of my miners went down, followed by the second short after.

I can restart the miner but after a few seconds I get the error message “T-Rex isntance wasn´t validated”. I can´t make anything of this information, nor was I able to find useful information regarding it on the internet.

So naturally I tried to update the miner to its newest version but strange as it is; I am not able to access github or the t-rex website anymore. It just gives me the ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error.

Deactivating the firewall/defender does not have any impact one any of the problems listed above..

So Im kinda stranded here.. :/ Hence the post.. Anyone had the same experience and could give me a hint?


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  1. ​


    I saw this on []( maybe it can help…

    Didn’t expirienced myself… but can’t download latest version on T-rex or github also… Do you run it as admin…

    Running 2 Win PC’s with 2070’s and 1 rig 8×3070’s on HiveOS all with T-REX, no problems here

    Hope you find it soon,

    good luck

  2. Hello!

    If you can’t access latest T-Rex, you can also go around like this:

    1. Register on minerstat (after 2 months account is automatically deleted if you don’t use it as a part of our strict GDPR, but you can also delete it via settings once you are done).
    2. Add new Windows worker
    3. Install minerstat for Windows
    4. Set up T-Rex in worker’s config via dashboard
    5. Latest version of T-Rex will be downloaded
    6. Use T-Rex however you like outside minerstat

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