=SuperShaft=D Presale this Friday at 7pm UTC / Thrusting our way through the atmosphere / It’s time to get Veiny and Gainy

= SuperShaft =D

It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s SuperShaft!

Cumming soon: SuperShaft! A hero to save us all. Elon FUD? Shafted. Regulations? Shafted. Scammers? Shafted. We got that money shot prepped and ready to go.

Jack your self in and off, as thrusters are set for blastoff. The SuperShaft pre-sale is this Friday at 7pm UTC. Do not hesitate to cum early and often. Oh…and it’s ok if you don’t pull out.

Size matters
The longer you hold, the bigger your $SHAFT gets, it’s that simple

Built to Last
Automatic LP ensures erections will last longer than 5 hours, but no need to call a doctor

Guaranteed to Satisfy
Tokenomics to support consistent and strategic marketing

Supporting a Good Cause
Aiming to help the average guy become super

99.99% Safe, 100% Latex Free
LP locked with ownership renounced

Don’t blow your load too early…you WILL regret it

5% redistribution to holders
5% Marketing
♻5% to LP

Presale 7/16 at 7pm UTC

75/150 BNB Soft/Hard Cap

0.1-3 BNB Min/Max Buy-In



Buy: Friday, 7/16 @ 7pm UTC

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