SUBX released a startup pitch competition with $1000 worth of prizes, make your ideas come to life today

Startup Boost Token, SUBX just released their mobile application where all their ecosystem apps are accessible at.


**Mobile App Download Tutorial**

**Download the Mobile App here:**



SUBX is a token started to empower startup founders and aspiring entrepreneurs with an ecosystem of software apps and community that will aid them in their journey.

Registered in Singapore as a company, SUBX has already developed multiple Software as a Service (SaaS) products for their token holders. The most insane part is that all these were developed over a course of 1.5 months, they are THAT awesome!


If you’re interested I will leave the links here:

– **Learn App** ✅

– **Hub App** ✅

– **Community App** ✅

– **Marketplace App** ✅


To access the full site, you will need to hold SUBX, so get your SUBX now to use all these apps absolutely for free!


**Partnership with 100x Coin**

Today SUBX announced a partnership with 100x Coin to build the first e-learning platform for crypto founders, developers & key opinion leaders!

This is in line with their mission to empower the crypto & startup community as a whole.

Their goal is to empower the leaders in crypto as a whole and inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs to ignite more innovation!

For more updates on this matter, you can join their telegram group and Twitter:
Telegram: Telegram:


**SUBX Innovation Challenge**

This is a competition where aspiring entrepreneurs share their pitch decks to win attractive prizes.

✅ Details:


**Register for the competition here:**

10 teams will be shortlisted for the Final Round where they will present their idea LIVE. All finalists will walk away with prizes.


💡**Theme: Software as a Service(SaaS)**


$1000 worth of prizes, including $500 for winning team 🎁

I don’t know about you but this is the most legit, doxed, and hardworking project I have seen on the BSC network, trying to make an actual impact and difference. With more partnerships and innovations coming up, this token is definitely a rare GEM and a long term hold with price going only UP. You will not regret this!


**Contract**: 0x5232152c8207653aeda5baa0ff7fb1046c23c753


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