Stupid People Also Use Crypto

My dear mother was fairly illiterate. She had a 5th grade education. And even though she was extremely smart, she was hampered throughout her life by what many would perceive as a disability. If she were alive today she would be fascinated by crypto currency. But she would be afraid to partake, because she would be unable to learn what she needs to learn on her own. She would have to reveal to others around her the necessity of their help.. And they would ask why would she needed that help, and maybe she would tell some of them that she couldn’t read very well.. I know she wouldn’t want to. There are many people like this in the world. What good is crypto currency opening up finances to all of the people equally if it really doesn’t do that? What if crypto just creates a new pecking order? I see that in this group; People being talked down to when they ask questions that others perceive as stupid. Everybody is into crypto for their own reasons. It’s never OK to talk down to people. Reddit is pretty easy to navigate, and if the true experts wish to create a closed group that does not allow novices in to ask simple questions then they can do that. But until then, I think it would be pretty nice if some of the people in this group stopped being snide, smarmy or otherwise less than helpful to the people that don’t know what they’re talking about. Because one day they will know what they are talking about, and they’re going to look at the people that act like jerks to them and they’re gonna treat them as such. That’s definitely not a win-win.

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  1. Although I disagree with the term “stupid”, your post touched me. You do have a very good point. Accessibility is unfortunately not being taken seriously yet, even in more common things in life, and the crypto / blockchain technology is still in its very early steps, so you can imagine how long it will take to improve.

    Personally, as a software engineer I have promised to myself to walk the extra mile and do as much as possible in the apps I work on in order to be at least basically accessible, although it is almost never requested by the acceptance criteria that I am given.

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