Struggling to find a market that supports MEME (Memetic) coin AND can be used in the USA.

Back in 2017 I had a Bittrex account with some shitcoins. When the big crash of 2018 came I assumed everything there was only worth $20 so I abandoned it.
Fast forward to now. I got back into this Bittrex account. I discover I have MEME (Memetic) in there. (not the Pepecoin type but the one with the pineapple logo)
My problem is… my Bittrex account is disabled. It’s no longer available at my locale. I can’t do anything with those coins except for move them elsewhere.
I really have no idea where I should send it. Every market that actually trades MEME is forbidden in the USA. After making numerous accounts on exchanges that tell me they don’t support US customers, I looked for wallets. I tried sending it to TrustWallet but Bittrex says the wallet address is wrong or doesn’t support it. It’s weird because the wallet address is right, and TrustWallet has a MEME wallet?

I’m just really at a loss right now, I have potentially $20,000 sitting around being useless on a disabled account.
Any suggestions on what I can do?

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  1. Use SouthXchange. They have TRUMP coin available along with MEME. You could sell your MEME on there for Bitcoin and then send the Bitcoin elsewhere. That’s probably your best play

  2. UPDATE: This is starting to look like a Bittrex issue… Tonight I tried sending it to TrustWallet and Metamask, and they both failed to send AGAIN.
    Guess they don’t want to let go of their $20,000.
    I’ll be redirecting my ire to /r/Bittrex now, thanks for all your answers.

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