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$StopElon started off like most potential moonshots, with a vision and a plan. The plan is to take control of $TSLA stock with a 2/3 majority ownership and $StopElon from being able to have such a direct effect on the market. We are becoming much more however. People from all around the globe are sticking up against the effects of manipulation from Elon Musk and his lies and deceit he used to post a $100m profit on Q1 for Tesla. Billions and billions of USD was lost from investors around the world just so he can barely scrape by with his nonprofitable company. Don’t you think Tesla workers deserve a union and fair wages before Doge holders get kickbacks?

What no one envisioned was how there would be many converging factors that could allow this community to grow & become a rallying point for everyone that is fed up with market manipulation, the system always winning & Business leaders like Elon that have left the everyday person in the rear view mirror.

Having a cause or being the newest token happens all the time. Coins are purely speculative and should be treated as such. With that said, $StopElon is only a week old, making exponential returns still possible. Any early clue that this is much more than the new token is the community being forged on social media apps, as we speak. $StopElon is available on Telegram in (18) different languages as the community has pitched in to design our ecosystem in a way that encourages coin holder engagement.

No one person should have this much power, money, and benefit off of the financial losses and sufferings of the common man, in the way Elon Musk does.


StopElon has been completely rebranded with new a logo, telegram stickers, and an whole new website.

The team has announced that tomorrow there will be a huge reveal. Something has been cooking and it is time.

News is completely going crazy again. Elon is in heat with SEC. As shown on CNBC, WSJ, CNN, and more. Also, we are back in the headlines! Firstly, Forbes Mexico/Columbia/Central America. Then News Au, Hlb be, Laptopmag, and Nzherald. As always, fascinating how word wide this movement is.

Stopelon team announced upcoming NFTs, merch, and a event on June 6th 12pm at Tesla factories in Fremont, California. This event will have shirts, signs, and more! Also, the team hinted at a Stopelon wrapped Tesla!

When it comes to progress on the actual goal, a core team member, Devacor, has made great progress. After talking to a lot of people regarding legal advise, we are looking to create a voting trust. This voting trust can have shares added to it, and many members have already pledged to add the first shares. Meaning, that we are making our first steps towards Tesla’s HQ.

We have continued to gain holders, now at 21,650+ and total transactions have now surpassed 60,000

Another Fantastic live audio Q/A with the team today. Very detailed answers and developers really proved they know what they are doing. Could not have gone better. Was recorded, pinned in the telegram, and 2 hours long.

The team has been in talks with many different exchanges as well. They say they can’t say much (a great sign) but they do admit they have narrowed it down! I’m getting excited!

Contract audit from Techrate is completed and passed with flying colors!

Check our TG for daily updates

Tokenomics: 0.1% max buy/sell 10% tax total (to holders and LP) 40% initial burn (almost 50% burn as of now!) 5% dev marketing wallet 5% community wallet $14M+ Marketcap 21,650+ Holders

 Verified contract 0xd83cec69ed9d8044597a793445c86a5e763b0e3d

Twitter: STOPELON (@STOPELON_BSC) / Twitter

English Telegram (@StopElon_BSC)


Chart: Ok token=0xd83cec69ed9d8044597a793445c86a5e763b0e3d

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