Stop posting bag size!

Seriously I’ve seen 5-6 “look at my bag” posts just tonight browsing Reddit. I commented on one, and really can’t be bothered to comment on them all, this is just my thoughts:
It’s like walking into the street and shouting you have a million $ in your pocket that you just earned and drinks are on you. Sure, 99% of the people will cheer and have a drink with you. There’s always that 1% that might follow you home and take your money rather than make it themselves. That’s all I’m saying, sure chances of you being hacked etc may be low, but chances are a lot lower if you don’t put a target on your back.
Keep yourselves, and your wallet safe people 🚀🚀🚀🦉!

What do you think?

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  1. I used to try so hard to dissuade people from posting their balances. Seems like sub rules changed and the report option is gone.

    So now my mentality is, let them fuck around and find out. Some people only need to be told not to stick their tongue in a an electrical socket. Some need to learn the hard way.

    Not our problem anymore OP.

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  3. So what? I’m a millionaire and not ashamed of it! I own 11.6M safemoon. I have no patience for people that didn’t try and work as hard as I did to accumulate millions of safemoon coins! I will
    Not apologize, ever!

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