Stellar payment not credited, refund application rejected because binance doesn’t understand path-payments :(

Operation: [](

I used path payment instead of directly transferring XLM to binance.

This means that the USDC I sent is first automatically exchanged to XLM on Stellar and then sent to binance. The correct memo was used as well. I explained this in support chat as well but looks like that wasn’t forwarded to the ‘experts’.

Any higher up here that can help me out? As you can see in the OP linked above, binance received the payment, in XLM and with the correct memo.

Uncredited Deposit Application: JCgUdukfqHIhU5OV

What do you think?

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  1. I don’t know man I was going over your transactions there in that time frame I don’t think the frame I don’t think you need to get ahold of finance I think you need to get ahold of that stellar you need to get ahold of that stellar group I’m pretty sure they’ll be better off at solving your problems better off at solving your problems just saying I could see why binets would reject your claim your money was never sent there as far as I can tell

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