SteelCase (SCS)- Hospital and Office Steel furniture. Dividend stock with upcoming ex/EFF date. Still under pre-pandemic price.

**1.** SteelCase is located in Michigan and employs 11,000 people. **Unlike other well known businesses in Michigan making cars from steel, SteelCase makes hospital and office furniture.**

[Expensive hospital furniture](

[Steel office supplies](

**2.** **SteelCase is still under its pandemic price ($19) and has made steady growth during 20201.**



[Year To Date](


**3. SCS has a ex/EFF date (date you need to own the stock to receive the dividend) coming up on July 2.**

**4. Motley Fool tried to bet against the stock and was of course wrong. But at least were honest about it.**

**5. Positions:**

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  1. My wife almost went to work for this company. Seemed to love their products from an interior design standpoint (and supposedly it’s a notoriously awesome company to work for).

    But are you not worried about the number of people who are permanently working from home now when it comes to an office furniture company?

  2. Nothing says growth potential like furnishing all those empty buildings that will stay largely empty for the foreseeable future. I’m sure it will take off and you’ll make money, but it shouldn’t.

  3. Steelcase and herman miller are two chair brands that office workers love, i have seen tons of videos on youtube comparing office chairs and steelcase often pops up. A quick look at herman miller’s stock price and it seems to have recovered, yet scs hasn’t, perhaps there are factors like the balance sheet which you haven’t taken into account.

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