Statistics Report: July 12th

All data is taken from [](

Hodling ~1 million Safemoon earned you ~48 Safemoon or $0.00013891

* **Fully Diluted Market Cap**: $2.89 Billion `(+0.42%)` (*+$12.00 Million*)
* **Market Cap**: $1.68 Billion `(+0.41%)` (*+$6.90 Million*)
* **Trading Volume**: $13.93 Million `(+1.24%)` (*+$171.12 Thousand*)
* **Current Price**: $0.0000028940 `(+0.42%)`
* **Wallet Reflection**: 0.00485412%

[If all CEX would contribute to global reflections](


* **25 Humpbacks** hold more than 1 Trillion
* **23 Whales** hold more than 500 Billion
* **193 Sharks** hold more than 100 Billion


* **Change of holders**: *+2,016* holders
* **Total Holders**: 2,448,824 `(+0.08%)`


* **Amount burned**: *+20.37 Billion Safemoon*
* **Total Burned**: 419.745 Trillion Safemoo
* **Total Circulation**: 580.255 Trillion Safemoon (*-20.37 Billion Safemoon*)

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