Stange Transaction and Coinbase Support Experience

Hey guys,

I have been struggling getting .17 ETH from my Coinbase Wallet to my Coinbase account and have had an aggravating chat with Coinbase support and decided to post about it here.

About the transaction:

For the first transaction, the app did not let me set my own gas price and set one that I figured was too low, then later was dropped on the network with no surprise from me. After this I tried again and this is where things got funky. I was able to set my own gas price now and since I wanted and needed this money quickly I set it high and would just eat the fee, which was not too bad as it was 1am. 15 minutes later, with no notification, I went to check the transaction as it should have taken less than a minute. To my surprise the transaction id/hash link stated that my hash was invalid. So I waited 8 hours and nothing changed. I quadruple checked that my wallet ID was correct so I decided to contact Support as I had no idea what to do now. Here is what I guess I should call the transcript is:


Thank you for reaching back out. The transaction or account hash you’ve provided[]( appears to be invalid.

To ensure we locate the correct transaction, please provide the URL for the transaction. Please not provide a screenshot as we cannot process screenshots. If you’re unable to locate this information please reach out to the other exchange or the sender for the hash information.


That is the transaction link that you provide on the wallet app. I am sending the funds FROM Wallet, so it would be you guys that should provide the proper hash.


Thank you for contacting Coinbase Support. We’re happy to help, but will need more information about this issue first. Can you tell me what error message(s) you are receiving, and/or provide a screenshot of where you’re encountering an issue? For any screenshots or images, please send them as attachments. We will not be able to see your images when they are inserted in the body of your email. Once we get more information, we can look into this further. In the meantime, please feel free to visit the Coinbase Wallet FAQ


Here are 3 screenshots from the app, showing the transaction and then the hash error when using the link. The transaction has been pending for over 16 hours now.



It appears that we’ve run into an error with the image you’ve provided. Images must be manually reviewed as our system is unable to process screenshots. That being said, an image can not be used if a transaction hash is not included or if the image is cutting off the hash. In order to further assist you please provide the URL for the transaction. If you’re unable to locate this information, please reach out to the other exchange or the sender for the hash information.


Losing my patience here. I previously sent you the link for the transfer,[]( . It is the one provided to me on COINBASE WALLET, and it is being transferred to my COINBASE account. The transaction comes up as invalid but on Wallet its still says pending. All of this is through YOUR software and there is not much more I can provide as all the information about my money that I have is the invalid transaction hash that you guys have provided. I just want my ETH in my coinbase account so I can withdraw it and now this process is taking 2 days.


Thanks for reaching out to us. Our team is currently reviewing your account to find the best solution. We will follow up with you on the original email thread as soon as we have an update. Thank you for your patience.

They have been silent for almost 2 days since, even when I reached out again. Still beats the times before when they added employees, they used to just never even respond. Hopefully my frustration is warranted but I just figured to post as the missing transaction is weird to me at least and the customer support is not great. Now I am not sure what to do but I am wondering if anyone has any thoughts, similar experiences or if any of this is normal. Sorry if this is not the right place to post about something like this, thanks for any comments.

TLDR: Transaction disappeared and Coinbase support is not helping.

What do you think?

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  2. Can or did you go to your Coinbase account first, find ETH in your portfolio, and then find receive; get the address and then back to your Wallet and send to that address?

    I’ve gifted crypto to friends, where if they don’t have a currency, there is a bit of a delay, I assume this is because it takes time to assign them a new custodial wallet or address.

    I’ve not messed with the Coinbase wallet a lot, so can’t really help much outside of providing that suggestion or information; so I’m not sure if your wallet knows where to send the funds already (much like transferring to and from Coinbase to Pro), or if you need to provide more information to the wallet to make the action.

    Good luck~

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