Staking after eth 2.0 , EIP-1559 and some general questions

As per tittle suggests, I would like to know what happens to staking after those updates, both for private node staking and on exchanges/sites. I’m curious about staking and will probably start soon with less eth then 32, going in for longterm.

What are the risks of staking? Not your keys and not being able to reach your eth or is there anything else.

Will it be uneffected in general? planning on obitaining 32eth eventually and run a node if the price doesnt moon to soon

How does slashing occur and what is the penalty, how to avoid it?

And also what would be the best place to stake right now (less then 32 eth) and why, curious about your opinion/experiance.

Sorry for the bad grammar, English not my native language and thank you for the answers.

What do you think?

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  1. From what I understand slashing isn’t a big deal unless you’re actively trying to attack the network or not paying any attention at all.

    Right now you can stake on Coinbase (very easy to do; lower return; exchange based) or Stakewise or Lido (fairly easy; closer to market return; a little more decentralized).

    There are more options but those are the main ones.

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