Spce- The next frontier

I see an enormous amount of people giving up on this stock, and that’s understandable. Many of them are simply short to mid term traders that give specific businesses some sort of boost in order to reimagine their ever-changing industries. They have little to no interest in the long term of a stock, and are more focusing on taking advantage of turning the tables on short sellers.

SPCE is different. it’s not simply a short verse call play. It’s a revolution in travel.
People are too tied up on the idea that it is simply about space tourism, but that’s not at all what interest me; it’s the long term idea that seems to me you could revolutionize the entire air travel industry. Let me explain;

Currently, if you want to travel from (talking from point to point to point to point, total time not individually, would reply but my karma is not up to snuff as, again, this is my first post/comment ever(thanks u/ImageCreator :/ )) New York to Israel to Paris and end in Saudi Arabia, you would have to work out a multitude of days in order to do this. Now perhaps, with the explosion in zoom maybe for business aspects that will become the new normal (As Charlie Munger believes), however I highly doubt this. I think true face-to-face interaction is still where large business deals will be made (As Warren Buffet believes)

However! In the long-term business idea Virgin Galactic, it involves changing the travel industry, making days long trips, hours. Suddenly someone could travel to all those places in a mere day. To a high-level business aspect, this is huge! Time is in fact money.

Let the stock drop all you want, but I highly recommend, if you are investing instead of trading, get in on this business. I am all in, 100%. I believe in the long-term business model, yes it will start off with the wealthy doing space tourism, but eventually the price will fall, it will become more affordable, eventually it may reach a level that even the average middle-class family can take a trip into space. That will eventually fund the next wave of travel. It will change the way the world travels. Focus on the long-term, focus on the long-term ramifications. This will take the Concords idea, push it to the edge which will reduce the need of power and increase speed through lessening drag, the world can be changed. Don’t be sad that the stock is dropping now, be happy that you can buy more while you can.

Spce: I believe in the stock.

TL:DR- I am an ape who believes the future may be bright. And I believe SPCE part of it.

References are multiple but here is a simple one explaining this may take 10-15 years so again, don’t focus short term:

What do you think?

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  1. To invest long term, you need a solid trifecta of fundamentals, product & CEO.
    The particular CEO, has imho repeatedly fucked the smaller holders. He got rid of a large portion of his position not too far ago. (I got out back then.)

    And now? At the apogee of a successful flight (finally) and price hike, he files offering before his feet had time to restabilize.
    He should have basked in the glory for a couple of days, boost stock PR and consequently price and THEN, only then, say “guys this works, we need capital for extra fleet, blah blah, will offer in order to expand and dominate, ok?”.

    Instead he whiplashed the crowd and (imho) royally screwed a lot of call & stockholders.
    Do you really trust this guy with your money?

    I also don’t believe in the particular product or the business model. If you’re “all in” hope you prove right man.

  2. What you missing with this assumption is people fly to Paris for a 30 mins meeting. You fly to Paris for a day or two. To have the meeting meet the team. Go out for lunch and dinner (very important to get to know the team or person). It’s also been solved by private jets / first class. You can sit or sleep in comfort and work. Watch videos eta in luxury. Your personal private jet is 30 mins drive from your house or office. Who wants to strap them self to a rocket for this?

  3. I think it could happen, but first let them take care of the tourist side of the business. They need at least some kind of cash in-flow from keeping their stock from going down. I’l invest once it hits sub $20 again. Me personally I can see them win a contract with the military based on their space ship.

  4. Your post is pretty much all assumptions and speculation.

    Please explain to me how SPCE’s business model lends itself to growing and sustainable profits? How many times is someone going to drop $250k on a theme park ride?

    What numbers did you crunch to conclude that SPCE is undervalued at a $10B valuation? Are they not in fact grossly overvalued?

    How and when exactly will costs fall so that middle class families can afford this? What cost range?

    Where does it say that SPCE wants to replace airlines?

  5. The problem is physics. They made a small tourism plane. To scale you need big planes and lots of passengers and lots of rocket fuel and shit this just doesn’t make sense at all. It’s a theme park ride for rich people.

  6. For the love of all that is good, please at least understand the technology you are talking about.

    The rocketplane that Richard Branson took a ride on (it was very cool. We watched it and it was awesome) would maybe be able to travel a few hundred miles. It simply cannot carry sufficient fuel, nor can the design be used to go much faster. If you added a booster with sufficient fuel (or just added sufficient fuel), it would be huge and not practical in any imaginable way to be launched from a plane.

    To do point to point travel would probably take something similar to a Falcon 9 rocket, which is 230 feet with its fairing… that is the length of a Boeing 747. Kind of hard to imagine taking off with something that size attached to a plane that can detach safely to then use its rockets to continue on its journey.

  7. Sorry but only one company can reap all the benefits from space travel. Its currently a fight between amazon, spacex, and spce. I’m sure as hell not betting against amazon or a genius IQ Elon Musk. Spce has gotta go down. Also they treat their investors like filth.

  8. Space is certainly in the future, but not the near future, at least from a stockholder profitability standpoint. Not to mention, Branson is the last CEO I’d trust my money with, based on his track record of screwing small shareholders. I’m ride or die on Elon and his autistic fucking self.

  9. Everyone is criticizing but you forget the fact that this company could be aquired. Think Boeing, Airbus, SpaceX, an airline company, Lockheed, Palantir,…

  10. You forget that SPCE is currently completely overvalued (currently).

    I recommend r/investing if you are in for the long play.

    Also, why invest now? Their business is not even close to maturing. You have some time to “invest” in something else in the meantime.

  11. I could see it being a lot of companies,
    I think some are destined to make it SpaceX blue origin have 2 of the biggest assets.

    I don’t see a profit in faster travel if it involves 2 giant planes piggy backing a rocket to the edge of the stratosphere to engage.
    I just don’t for so many reason that’s like ultra elite nonsensical business class for a few flyers lol with wayyy to much logistics. Imagine even the cargo loader would have to be a masters engineer “nope can’t load that suitcase sir, the weight of it will off balance the aircraft by .45 degrees resulting in a. . .”

    Where I think there’s a profit in space is hitting a meteor 1million miles away that is composed of 90% gold, attaching to it. A booster to change its course over the next few weeks gliding at a casual 100 miles per secound re engaging into the earth’s orbit some how opposite sling shotting around to slow. No idea how far out that is from now baby steps.

    Short term would there be more profit in tourism and satellites shit do they do the satellite part ?

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