Some of most common scams beware guys

What are the most common crypto scams?
There are many actually and new ones appear every day so you have to be aware.

Fake Bitcoin Exchanges. Scammers present themselves as a part of a big trading platform than scam you once you transfer funds to them

Cloud mining. Scammers ask if you want to buy equipment for mining which will stay on their end. Don’t get me wrong there are some good companies out there but they don’t advertise and get oversubscribed quickly.

Fake ICO/IEO/IDO. Scammers impersonate admin of a big project and ask you for some funds in turn for good allocation in tokens. Good projects will never write you first.

Fishing scam. Always check the links and info you’re typing on a platform. This is the most common scam for google SERP results. Be aware.

Fake wallets. Scammers will ask you to download some upgraded version of BTC wallet. Don’t fall for this, and always use official websites for wallets.

Fake hardware wallets. Don’t buy hardware wallets from anywhere except official stores. This devices can later compromise your funds.

I might forget some, please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Always remember, cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible so if you don’t pay much attention to your security no-one will help you to recover your funds. It’s like giving your pocket cash to a scammer and then complain to police for it.

What do you think?

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