Some context from someone who works in App Development regarding today’s events

They never said it was a concrete full release date.

I work in app development. Dates change. Features are added or removed. Sprints are pushed or hit. Etc.

They said “GOAL” numerous times. Goal isn’t a promise, it’s a targeted deadline. In app development I can tell you with 100% confidence that 99.999999% of the time those target deadlines are never hit.

The excitement around this project has made a lot of people here a little too wide eyed. We need to taper back expectations and realize these things take a while.

Now, with that being said, another unfortunate issue that occurs in app development is Dev speak. It doesn’t translate well to consumers. The things we say in the office to each other are technical in their own right. I work in Communications. My job is to translate that dev speak into terms and ideas that are easily relatable to our consumer base. I’m not so sure the Safemoon team has done this well. The AMAs are amazing and I love them, but the vernacular used in their delivery can easily be misconstrued by those unfamiliar with that particular speech. The team really needs to get a dedicated Community Manager that is 1 step removed from development or at the very least able to transcribe that Dev speak to a more familiar consumer focused message (SFM team I’m definitely willing to throw myself into that role… 😉 ) self promoting aside here, that would greatly improve expectations from the consumer side and diminish panic or misinformed sell-offs further increasing the value of SFM.

In the end, the project is still on track for great success. It’s still happening and we are still going to get our hands on the wallet. Did they miss their deadline? Sure. Is that bad? Not one bit. We are freaking out because it’s a week later than our already mistaken interpretation of the information we were given. It’s on all of us. Still, we have no reason to panic. Nothing was canceled. Nothing was “fake” or manufactured. The wallet exists. The project lives on.

When lambo? Stay around to find out 🙂

What do you think?

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  1. 100% agree a professional community manager is needed. The Safemoon base is a very difficult crowd and the communication with them needs to be perfectly packaged

  2. I think everyone here is right. It’s ok that we have to wait. But they constantly toss riddles out and say things that just honestly mislead the general population that doesn’t understand like we do here. The safemoon mark issue of just randomly tossing out an unofficial way to buy safemoon (although not maliciously) kinda kicked this weekend off in the wrong direction. They just need to communicate things better that isn’t some riddle lol.

  3. I work as product management. It’s true that dates always change, but as product management and marketing communication you need to weight in that delays when you communicate with your customers. The team needs to be aware of this, a great product can be severe damage by a bad communication strategy. The dates were set by the team. When I invested in safemoon I had in my mind 1 year time for the wallet app release but they start moving to “ludicrous speed” and then hitting delays and terrible releases ( like the bridges). They truly need to step up their game on the way how they communicate.

  4. Lmao nothing they’re making so far is revolutionary that it’ll go over our heads brah.

    It’s a simple wallet. Blockchain. Exchange.

    “Dev speak” lmao get the fuck out. What are you ? A fresher software developer for whom some big words are intimidating ?

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