So glad to see crypto slowly slipping into our everyday purchases.

While full integration of crypto payment is yet to exist, we are starting to see a lot of companies coming up with ideas that will slowly make people and businesses well aware of crypto.

A lot of companies like Zpay and Eidoo are making crypto compatible Visa cards and credit cards (I myself have one and it makes my shopping experience so much better) and in my opinion it’s efforts like these that will help crypto rise to the mainstream platform.

It’s like a compromise on both ends of retailers and customers. And while I don’t think this is the ultimate way for crypto payments, it is the best one we have for now. It’s a very good traditional way of payment and I’m glad to see how it will evolve in the near future.

What do you think?

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  1. With time, I believe crypto would become a part of our daily lives. Good work from the likes of Zpay and Eidoo. Another company that’s making much wave in the space is Baanx with their crypto friendly payment services. With the partnership with Visa, comes the opportunity to spend digital assets at millions of in-store and online merchants worldwide.

  2. Crypto adoption is virtually everywhere with crytpo payments topping it. There are several payment platforms that are providing access for merchants to accept digital currencies and Utrust as being the best I’ve found with several merchants all around the world including Shopify

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